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FAST | Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies 

Curatorial and Marketing Oversight for delivering EPSRC FAST Research Programme to Music Industry at Abbey Road Studios

December 2017 - October 2018  |  10 months

FAST - Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies

Studio 2, Abbey Road Studios                                                              25 October 2018                                                                                                                     


using art installations, soundscapes, spoken word, discussions, talks, screenings, and dance,  ‘tapescape catford: the intervention i’ was the first part of the intervention   taking over a disused blockbuster videostore, ransacked in the 2011 london riots, the event questioned the impact video has made on all our lives, how it affected our behaviour and the huge environmental cost of our short lived innovations    we held a 'video amnesty' allowing london borough of lewisham residents to bring in old videocassettes to be returned to the shelves for one last time before heading off to be completely recycled and re-emerge as something new

one of the artworks that became a particular talking point was ‘deluge’ by paul halliday   with financial help of lewisham council and recycle company repic this artwork was developed to form the deluge  ​over five weeks   the deluge slowly grew fascinating those who passed the 30 metres of windows

the work ended with a short series of academic talks with goldsmiths [click], over 2000 videocassettes, almost a tonne, being recycled by ems in bristol, and lewisham council initiating a videocassette recycling scheme for all its 265,000 residents

[teaser for project] [gallery] [deluge poster] [tapescape poster] [poem responding to deluge]

film by kai clear


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