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Fourth Portal VR Studio

Fourth Portal

Hybrid portal spaces imagining life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Great Yarmouth:

Through the Looking Glass

Founder of Platform-7 Events discusses his year in Great Yarmouth during the Covid pandemic and the problems creating his Fourth Portal intervention.  A panel of university colleagues will join to discuss the future of technology with members of the Civic Society of Great Yarmouth.

Tuesday, 31st March 2021, 12-2pm

This discussion will take place in the new Fourth Portal online marquee, a totally different experience to Zoom, which allows attendees to intereact with the panel, other audience members and move around as suits their interest.

NOTE: Being new, there are hardware restrictions, please see below.

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Great Yarmouth: Through The Looking Glass

The intention of the Fourth Portal was to create a public discussion on the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on a town like Great Yarmouth.  As with most of the world, Covid-19 has forced many changes to plans and severely restricted the public engagement element.


This talk hopes to remedy, at least in small part, the disappointment by providing a glimpse of the world beyond Zoom, presenting a new format for online working, collaborating and meetings by welcoming people to our new Platform-7 Events, Fourth Portal marquee.

By joining this presentation you will be entering a new world, a world of the future and we want you to just have fun and enjoy the experience.  There is no wrong in the marquee.

Help and Instructions

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  • Fill out the basic details as shown below.

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  • Professional Title can be anything, 'retired', 'student', 'GY resident'.

  • On entering you will see a number of tables (see below)

    • If it is your first visit you may want to say hi to Dawn on the Welcome table

    • Or sit anywhere that looks like a chair by pressing your mouse key on the screen

    • Image is an example of the table layout.

    • There will be a short presentation then a panel discussion. 

    • We will return to the Fourth Portal Marquee where you can meet any or all of the panelists, or choose a Free-to-Chat table to talk with friends, other attendees. 

    • If you have come to chat with a specific host then join that table - all tables will have the host name.  Just join.

    • Alternatively just sit on any random table that has someone on it or an empty chair and joins in :)  - It is a very friendly place!

    • Don't be shy and don't feel rude popping off one table and straight to the nex table - it's part of the fun.  


12.10-12.15  John McKiernan provides a brief background on himself, Platform-7 Events and his intended Fourth Portal in Great Yarmouth.  

12.15-12.20 Great Yarmouth slideshow, images from John McKiernan's time in Great Yarmouth.

12.20-1.00 John McKiernan will ask each panel member to briefly respond to the following 3 questions based on their expertise;

  1. How is technology changing the landscape in your chosen field?
  2. What impact are we already seeing with these technologies on urban spaces, populations and ways of living elsewhere in the world?

  3. How can a town struggling with so many human social issues, (poverty, unemployment, prospects, education attainment) tap into these new technologies to carve out a niche for itself and its citizens?

1.00-1.10 General questions to the panel.

1.10-1.45 Breakout to tables.  A unique experience, as in a real world event, each panel member will be on a table and attendees can join any table to discuss further the presentation, seek advice, or find out more about technology.   Attendees can hop around all the tables, do not be polite, just leave a table if not what you expected and join another table.  It is fun.   

1.45-2.00 Networking and closing




Meet every


Each table has it's own host.

Tables are set with different number of chairs to suit the host.

WELCOME to Platform-7 Events brand new hybrid online venue where some amazing things are planned throughout 2021, we hope you have a unique experience everytime you visit, just like in a real-life event or friendly gathering space.

Help Desk

There is a changing range of topics

Short bio alphabetical 


Ben Croxford is Professor of Environmental Design and Engineering at UCL, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources Faculty of the Built Environment.   His research interests include how low energy buildings are actually being used, and circular economy issues around the built environment including sustainable materials and air pollution.


David Townend is Professor of Law and Legal Philosophy in Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University. His theoretical work is focused on the relationship between individual and collective responsibility in relation to health, and his practical work focuses on data protection and privacy in medical and health research.


Graham Klyne is a Mathematician (Applied Maths) and Research Software Engineer at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. He has  been a software developer for process control, motion capture, mechanical design, networking and other applications for over 25 years and contributed to Internet standards (IETF) for email, URIs, and Web standards and presently supports work on linked data.


John Wood is Professor Emeritus in Design, Goldsmiths College, University of London.  He was Deputy Head of Fine Art before creating the Department of Design with the first MA programme focused on Design Futures in 1995. 


Karl Richter is based at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.  He was recently Head of Research and Knowledge for the UNDP SDG Impact Finance initiative (UNSIF), where he led research to improve the analytical framework for social impact investing; was a member of Groupe d’Experts de la Commission.  


Paul Halliday convenes the MA in Photography and Urban Cultures, Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths College, University of London.  Paul is a photographer with his main focus on urban and fine-art photography, documentary and fine art film, landscape and portraiture, urban ethnography, materialities and narratives of city life.

As the Venue is still being developed there are restrictions to devices and browser that the audience can use if you wish to participate (essential for Discussion Festival), although you can still watch.  So NO mobile phones, iPads or PDAs, sorry!. 

For best experience use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on a Desktop PC, Laptop, Macbook with headphones and personal microphone.

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