COMMENTS - DF011-DF011 - Updating to 4th May  2021

I had such a great time looking forward to being there next week. (FIRST TIME HOST, Virgine Debert, DF011, LinkedIn 05May2021)

Enjoyed the discussion and the overall format. 

(FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Kevin Byron, DF011, via email, 05May2021)

Conversational Topics covered at my table last night: thanks for being a lively bunch.


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Come next Tuesday and enjoy the craic.  (FIRST TIME HOST, Denis O'Brien, DF011, LinkedIn Comment, 05May2021)

COMMENTS - DF006-DF010 - 30th April 2021

Another brilliant evening - thank you John.

(HOST, Prof. David Townend, DF010, Facebook, 29April2021

Kyrina Bluerose 2d

Social Impact ArtEntertainment

I totally recommend this weekly gathering to anyone in our community. Seemed like like-minded intellectual creatives just hanging out bar-hopping talking about all sorts of different things at different "tables". There was an emphasis on not feeling bad by changing groups too, which was great. One was a music improv (without rhythm/tempo due to global internet lag), Elena's was continuing the conversation started here about the connection between music and visual art, one about diversification of not only creative teams but also audiences, etc. People were patient, involved, and thoughtful. It seems like anyone can just register and drop in any week, too, with no commitments. Similar to here, everyone's cameras were on too.  (FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Kyrina Bluerose,, 21Apr21)

Metadesigners @metadesigners Apr 21 Replying to

@DrLezhenry, @PLATFORM7events and  @AcademicDiary

Well done, @PLATFORM7events - it's getting so interesting that anyone hosting a table session is frustrated to miss what's happening on other tables. Lovely people from many different backgrounds show up, too, so conversations get broadened and new topics emerge. (REGULAR HOST, Metadesigners, Twitter reply, 21Apr21)

Elena Thomas


Really looking forward to this- intelligent conversation with interesting people and a few good laughs thrown in...  (Twitter, 22 April 2021, first time Host and Guest)

Prof. Les Back, Wed 10:43 AM

A fantastic night of reasoning and thinking together about culture, music and politics.  As one of the participants said, it is learning as an open ‘ecosystem not an ego system’. Les Back on hosting a table on a reggae culture.  (FIRST TIME HOST, Prof. Les Back, Twitter, 21Apr21)

Prof William Lez Henry @DrLezhenry Apr 20

Yes @PLATFORM7events I give thanks for the invite and it was awesome hosting with @AcademicDiary and #reasoning with some beautiful souls about #ReggaewalksNewX #Rastafari #SoundSystems #LoversRock #BassCulture #JamaicanRootsmusic  #Deejay #Lyrics Bless  (FIRST TIME HOST, Prof. Lez Henry, Twitter, 20Apr21)

Prof. Lez Henry

Professor | University of West London

Goodnight all and this is one of my best ever virtual experiences ever, felt like I was reasoning with friends in my front room, so maximum respect to you John. Stay blessed and focused (FIRST TIME HOST, Prof. Lez Henry, DF009 Chat, 20Apr21)

Thanks, really enjoyed it and it's so much nicer than Zoom or Teams  (FIRST TIME HOST, Abigail Tripp, Instagram, 13Apr21)          

I cannot believe how much I love it, I am going to go and get some food, walk the dog and might return afterwards

[returned 40mins later]. (FIRST TIME ATTENDEE DF008, Sharon Adams, via conversation on Table 1, 13Apr21)

I agree Lez... it's been great! (FIRST TIME HOST, Elena Thomas, DF009 Chat, 20Apr21)

Had a good chat with Abi Jamerson tonight, Discussion Festival has inspired us to do a podcast together.  (Abigail Tripp, message via Instagram, 24Apr21)

John Wood.  Artist & Metadesign Consultant

Last evening's (9th) session was lit up by Prof Lez Henry's spontaneous speech of gratitude and delight (this was his first experience of the Platform). The regular Tuesday sessions are part of JohnMcKiernan's ( bold experiment in facilitating civilised discussion. Of course, it's impossible to predict how the technical format and social protocols will evolve - especially as John is eager to avoid imposing rules of engagement. I look forward to sharing more fun at next Tuesday's (10th) event.   (REGULAR HOST, Prof. John Wood, LinkedIn, 21Apr21)

Head of Psychology at Bishop Thomas Grant School

Last nights event was brilliant! It is lovely to see this forum growing week on week. Cannot wait for next week, the diversity in the discussion themes is marvellous.  (FIRST TIME HOST, David McDonald, LinkedIn Comment, 14Apr21)

Cracking night, best yet! (REGULAR HOST, Richard Sanderson, Facebook, 13Apr21)           

Daniel Merrill

Dead Rat | KaddalMerrill

totally fantastic what a lovely evening (REGULAR HOST, Daniel Merril, DF009 Chat, 20Apr21)

Interdisciplinary Artist | SIE

I'm new here today and am impressed with the intelligence, attention, and perspectives of the participants here; thank you! (FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Kyrina Bluerose DF009 Chat, 20Apr21)

Thanks, John - really wonderful people.. (Regular HOST, Prof. John Wood, DF009 Chat, 20Apr21)

RocklandsTV @rocklandstv Apr 21 Replying to @DrLezhenry., @PLATFORM7events and  @AcademicDiary

Thank you so much. Another amazing, informal, informative #DiscussionFestival and a superb platform, Platform-7 events. No.9 was 9.3/4! We were hooked past end time. Magic.  (REGULAR ATTENDEE, Rocklands, Twitter reply, 21Apr21)

COMMENTS - DF001-DF005 - 01 April 2021

Really enjoyed the event last night. Fascinating discussion and while I didn’t make the most of the ability to hop in and hop out of rooms, I can see the potential in being able to do so. Looking forward with much anticipation to the next time. Cap doffed for this wonderful platform ." (FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Dave McDonald, "Head of Psychology at Bishop Thomas Grant School, LinkedIn, 31Mar21)

That was fun!!... I enjoyed that 🎧😀 ... I stayed on wayyy longer than expected 🙊🙆🏻‍♀️ ... I started at table 7, liked it, and also wanted to have a listen at table 8 where David was. My intention was to go back to 7 but I never did ... Really liked the setup

(FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Shavana Sharon, Facebook, 31Mar21)

My friend James from Edinburgh popped in for the improv, but ended up staying in one of the other discussion groups - I said that was ecactly the point! (HOST. Richard Sanderson. 31Mar21

John I love it!!...

I’ve had to leave to make dinner (19:52)

Might come back in... Just finished dinner (20.:20)

(FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Viviane Williams, Facebook 31Mar21)

Got a great formula going here, John. (HOST, David Bottomley, Facebook, 31Mar21)

Wonderful people in the world. It's encouraging to see this growing by word of mouth and experience. Thank you very much, John. x  (HOST. Caffy St Luce, Facebook, 31Mar21

I'll be leading some free improv sessions at my table - so turn up with an instrument or your ears, and we'll see where it goes.

There are loads of other tables with fascinating people at them, wander around and take it in.

John Mckiernan has to be commended for this very original take on an internet gathering. This isn't Zoom or anything similar.

(HOST, Richard Sanderson, Facebook, 30Mar21)

I joined a table for the first time last night. Great experience. Great initiative,  it's all so impressive! (FIRST TIME ATTENDEE, Irena Hill, Facebook, 31Mar21)

Maastricht University, M-GLEPH | MA Public Health and Law Cafe Sessions

I echo both John’s comments, and the enthusiasm of the students. It was a really good session. The session is a Café Discussion - informal, encouraging a lot of interaction between the students. And on a Friday afternoon after two full days of lectures and tutorials. 


The students are studying for a one-year Master’s in Governance and Leadership in European Public Health. They have, of course, been pretty much only online throughout the year, and we have been using the usual array of online platforms. Using John’s platform, we had the flexibility of the main stage, the tables, and the speed-networking. Being able to move so smoothly between the different functions was great - as was the visual of the tables - so inviting and easy to navigate. 


By preference, I would use this for all my teaching - it really gives such flexibility. 


With all good wishes, 


Master Students | Maastricht University

Closing Remarks and Conclusions  (21st March 2021 Cafe Session)

‘It's like a podcast!! - speeddating was amazing’ (HR) ‘This is so nice David’ (MN) ‘This is really fun!’(MSC) ‘so fun’ (ITM) ‘Why didnt we use this platform before? :)’ (HR) ‘Really enjoying this!’ (LG) ‘Yes this is great!’ (PS)this is so fun and enriching.’the fade out is the most romantic thing(ITM) ‘so abrupt hahahahaha’ / David Townend Professor | Maastricht University replying to HR ‘Why didnt we use this platform before? :)’.  “Really glad you are enjoying it - this is a new software that is still in development. So you are in at the beginning!” / ‘I really like this way of discussion David! Really energizing! (MM) ‘thank you, it was a great experience, please bench zoom!’ (RS), ‘thank you, David’ (MA)