We have been safely producing live performances, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, bars, gatherings and happenings for more than two decades, providing us a wealth of experience to draw upon when delivering your perfect post-Covid pandemic event.


    Would you like your live event streamed online, across multiple stages with real-time interaction?

    Our online live event virtual service offers live streaming, simultaneous stage presentations, networking, breakout tables, and much more, perfect for conferences, workshops and interactive gigs.


    Are you looking to create a dynamic hybrid conference incorporating virtual interactivity as well as real world?

    Our hybrid interactive package allows both in-person and virtual events to happen simultaneously, including breakouts, networking and display booth function.


    Are you looking to present a new technology, system, innovation or major piece of academic research?

    When presenting technology advances, it is imperative that the presentation is clear, concise and appropriate for the audience, which is why we begin with understanding the product and what it seeks to achieve.


    Are you struggling with the new regulations and insurance demands as you plan your post-Covid event?

    With many extra requirements now demanded, our decades of knowledge and experience dealing with local authorities to safely deliver your events may prove invaluable.


    Do you have an empty shop, declining High Street or Shopping Centre needing transformation?

    Transforming and reinvigorating derelict or unloved retail locations and public spaces into buzzing, joyous gathering destinations is our speciality.


    Do you need to discuss a difficult subject with your audience in an engaging, sensitive and memorable way?

    We specialise in public interventions and longitudinal events in public spaces, using art, performance and discussion to engage some of the most difficult subjects facing society.


    Are you encountering unexpected regulations putting on your event after sunset in a public setting?

    With a long track record of delivering complex after dark events, we can help guide you in delivering large-scale outdoor occasions after sunset, whether in a cemetery or on a high-street.


    Do you need more effective ways of changing ingrained habits of customers, colleagues or your community?

    We have developed a number of engaging techniques and methods that stop passersby with surprise and delight delivering unexpected results.


    Do you need to invigorate a jaded customer base or inspire a new audience?

    Our creative network provides a powerhouse of ideas for the emerging retailtainment environment struggling to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated customers.

  • BARS

    Do you need a standout bar that has a unique personality of its own, unlike any other?

    We have decades of experience creating both fixed premises and fully mobile licensed creative bar spaces that make each occasion distinguished and memorable.


    Do you need to engage local residents, business or tourists to see your locality or town with fresh eyes?

    Our network includes architects, urban planners, community organisers, urbanists, sociologists and anthropologists who all feed into every commission.


    Do you require a workshop that is fun and immersive without attendees feeling awkward or self-conscious?

    Our design, performance, behaviour practitioners and academics have developed a number of advanced methods, games and learnatainment models that really engage.