Creating award winning events and venues since 1997, we specialise in community building, cohesion and understanding, with interventions often challenging people's perceptions and asking how opinions are formed. 

Some pages are being updated June 2021

Discussion Festival

Feburary 2021 - Ongoing

Discussion Festival is a weekly online event where people come together in the lounge area of the Fourth Portal Pavilion and hop around many different tables hosted by artists, academics, engineers, crafts people and club and business owners to discuss a wide range of topics. It's fun and dynamic, and nothing like Zoom or Clubhouse.

Catch The Tide

January 2020 - Ongoing

Catch The Tide is a manifesto for Great Yarmouth by Gillian Harwood, the joint-founder of Busworks, a business incubator company that provides small organisations with low cost space to establish their enterprise. The manifesto formed part of the pandemic aborted attempt to develop some projects in Great Yarmouth during 2020-21.

Fourth Portal

January 2020 - Ongoing

Creating hybrid portal spaces imagining life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution using art interventionist methods to bring creative practice, technology and entrepreneurship under one roof. This ongoing programme greatly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic.

Haphazard Business

January 2019 - Ongoing

Haphazard Business is an ongoing live research journey seeking to understanding how an idea becomes reality, by documenting thinking, influences, research and experiences in building a new kind of innovation hub,

Moving... Me?

2019 - 2020

Moving__Me? is a collection of one-off photographs from people living on London estates, which captures their story on the impact of local authority regeneration programmes


October 2017

Final presentation of this five-year EPSRC programme at Abbey Road Studios, which brought the very latest technologies to bear on the entire recorded music industry, from producer to consumer, making the production and consumption processes more engaging,

George Orwell Watch Out

August 2017

Network Rail London Stations

2015 - 2017

Series of live performances and art installations to ‘Surprise and Delight’ customers of London’s fourth busiest railway station, undergoing major re-development, while improving employee environment and reducing stress levels.

Resting Place

2014 - 2016

Resting Place was a series of individual live performances taking place sporadically across a two year period responding to events written in the diary of First World War VAD nurse, Clarice Spratling, and the journey she undertook. Resting Place.

Urban Photo Fest

2010 - 2016

Providing advice on strategy, growth and delivery of the Urban Photo Fest, an international festival on urban photography and visual methods, across multiple locations, including Tate Britain and Photography Gallery, in conjunction with Goldsmiths, University of London.

Waste Agency

2014 - 2015

Discussing consumption and wastefulness, this 4-month intervention in the City of London challenged workers in the Europe’s financial capital whether an economic system built on natural resources and oil is it really sustainable.

The Tights Ball

2013 - 2015

This powerful project uses the most innocuous, gentle and pretty of clothing items, tights and stockings, to encourage people to reconsider waste and recycling. Using techniques borrowed from advertising, this bright, fun, humorous endeavour draws in the audience to happily engage before exposing how easy it is to be fooled into thinking that the small things don’t matter or make little impression on the planet’s environment.