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Home Crisis in London video                                                                                          27th July 2015

Rt. Hon. Diane Abbott MP                                                                   duration:  3 minutes 40 seconds


A short film on the capital’s worsening housing crisis produced by Platform-7 and

Lightgeist Media featuring London Labour Mayoral candidate Diane Abbott, MP.



London is in the midst of the worst housing crisis in a generation, with both rental and purchase prices rapidly rising month-on-month, making it increasingly difficult for poorer income earners to afford to live in the city.  The arts, culture industries and early career academics are particularly hard hit as wages and earning potential often trails behind more traditional jobs found in the capital.  


In response, Platform-7’s founder sought to find the candidate for London Mayor most likely to address this pressing issue, which risks the entire community fabric of London.  Many within the Platform-7 network now have to leave the city due to cost of living.


Diane Abbott resigned from Tony Blair’s government in protest against the Iraq War and has been a thorn in the Labour hierarchy for most of her time as an MP for Hackney North & Stoke Newington.  She is standing for 2016 Mayoral campaign under Diane4Mayor


This film was written on Monday 20th July, filming was 2 hours with Diane on Thursday 23th, editing over weekend of 25/26th to be ready by Monday 27th July 2015.


Direction, Producer, John McKiernan

Camera, Patrick Hoelscher

Editor, Production, Louis Lesson

Music pieces 1 & 2, Bird Radio

Support material and information from Platform-7 network



The cost of renting in London (£1,413) is 49 per cent of the average income in the city

Source City AM (24 Nov 2014)


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