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Next Discussion Festival DF033
Wednesday, 11 January 2023, from 6.00pm

Hello, welcome to the latest Discussion Festival, hosted in our very own virtual house.   We have 28 fun and unique rooms, including a theatre and a séance space.

The virtual house works best on a desktop or laptop, iPads work but we do not have mobile phone version - yet! Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browsers.  All you then need is a mouse or arrow keys to move around as you please.

P7E DF Event Logo 033.png

Discussion Festival 007 | Tuesday, 06 April 2021, 19:00-21:00 (GMT)

Hopefully this should be fairly simple, the link for you or your group is above...  


Please follow the link below.

  • Please ensure you are using Chrome, Edge or Firefox on a laptop/pc/desktop 

  • Fill out the basic details as shown below.

  • Please add a photo of yourself if you can, it makes it much more friendly

Introduce Yourself.jpeg

Hello, welcome to the latest Discussion Festival

This Fourth Portal is only accessible via a Laptop, Desktop PC, Macbook using up to date browsers Chrome, Firefox or Edge.  Our brand new venue is NOT interactive on Mobile phones, PDAs or iPads, and does NOT yet work on Safari, Opera or other browsers.  Any issues get in contact. 

This is your event link, please ensure each person register in advance or before entry



Details of how to register, how to network and other tips below.    Look forward to seeing you and feel free to wander around.

  • On entering you will see a number of tables (see below)

    • If it is your first visit you may want to say hi to John on the Welcome table.

    • If you have come to chat with a specific host then join that table - all hosts and times the table is open can be found here

    • Alternatively just sit on any random table that has someone on it or an empty chair and see who joins you :)  - It is a very friendly place!

Discussion Festival 001 _ 23 Feb 2021

  • Once you have registered you can add a photo and update your details

    • Go to login page here

    • Enter your email and password,  oe social media button if that is how you registered

    • Top right-hand corner pull down menu and click profile.


Meet every



Venue Table Arrangement
Discussion Festival 002

Each table has it's own host.

Tables are set with different number of chairs to suit the host.

WELCOME to Platform-7 Events brand new hybrid online venue where some amazing things are planned throughout 2021, we hope you have a unique experience everytime you visit, just like in a real-life event or friendly gathering space.

Help Desk

There is a changing range of topics

As the Venue is still being developed there are restrictions to devices and browser that the audience can use if you wish to participate (essential for Discussion Festival), although you can still watch.  So NO mobile phones, iPads or PDAs, sorry!. 

For best experience use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on a Desktop PC, Laptop, Macbook with headphones and personal microphone.

029 D FP Lucia House [1st] Pool room 2 sofas 2 armchairs 5 stools Record player Pool table


  1. Open Chrome on a PC/laptop/Mac or iPad (no phone app yet)

  2. The host goes to

  3. Enter name as provided above - in C3.5 How to Host

  4. Enter email address

  5. Check your email and press the link (token)

  6. Allow camera and audio

  7. Use your arrow keys to enter over the Welcome mat

  8. To adapt the scale, (i.e zoom into a single chair or zoom out and see the whole floor) use zoom in/out buttons or use scroll in/out ball on the mouse, For Mac Cnt +/- keys or browser zoom buttons.  

  9. John Mc should be by the front door (Room 2) to welcome and answer any questions

  10. John Kozak will be floating about if technical assistance is required

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