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Musical Theatre (RCSSD)

2013 - 2014
Musical Theatre (RCSSD)


In collaboration with The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Platform-7 events co-produced two MA Musical Theatre student intervention productions responding to Platform-7’s The Tights Ball (Veolia Songs) and Silent Cacophony (John Cage 4’ 33”).

Event 1: John Cage 4'33 adapted for Choir

By The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama MA Music Theatre. Conducted by Professor Paul Barker. Location, Swiss Cottage Library, London, 11 November 2013.

Event 2: The Tights Ball and Veolia Songs

Throughout 2014, Platform-7 co-produced, along with The Royal Central School Of Speech and Drama MA Music Theatre students and the London borough of Camden a series of public performance interventions.

Interventions took place in libraries and on the streets across Camden, using tights donated from across the borough, before being re-purposed through free workshops and becoming part of a major musical performance, Veolia Songs with a working bin truck!

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