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Moonbow Margate

Intervention exploring the impact of the new Turner Contemporary art gallery on the deprived areas of Margate and Cliftonville, Thanet, Kent.

'the intervention in margate cliftonville used an experimental bottom-up approach that may have little precedent in the uk'  

​                                                                                                                                                                               professor loretta lees

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the people

by engaging a host of abstract performance and visual artists over the 13 week project, the art led approach managed to delve under the facia of community that exists in cliftonville allowing for a gathering of histories, stories, concerns, humour and creativity.  at the time of this intervention, it cannot be understated the desperate situation, in comparison to most of the UK, that this area faced, and continues to face.  platform-7 would like to thank everyone in cliftonville for the candidness and all the artists who assisting in making this project a huge success.

the press

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