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akleriah, re-imagining ladies tights                                             may - june 2013

london borough of lewisham                                                    duration: 5 weeks



every week millions of pairs of ladies tights are consigned to the bottom drawer or the bin.  a large number contain nylon, a non-biodegradable material that often ends up in landfill.   the video left gives a short flavour of our re-imagination. 

for national recycle week 2013, lewisham council are commissioning platform-7, with support from art's council england, to promote the borough's new focus on textile recycling.  returning on the back of 2012's hugely successful tapescape [click], at the disused blockbuster in catford, south london[1] the art collective, akleriah, we will be exploring the politics surrounding ladies tights.  the interactive performative experience will discuss through making, exhibiting, and performance, issues relating to women and tights and how these often discarded garments are perceived .  the project will reconsidering the role tights play within society and look towards ways of re-imagining them so more are reused, repurposed or recycled. the project will build towards a conceptual art parade and photo-shoot in advance of  national recycle week (17th-23rd june 2013) with a final workshop on friday 21st june. click here to become involved


we would like to give special thanks to age uk lewisham & southwark for allowing us to occupy their shop at 10 catford broadway, se6 4sp

[1] this event follows the successful 2012 intervention exploring the politics of the videocassette and led to the local authority rolling out recycling for videotape across 265,000 households.


professor biriotti and shm case study of tights project Oct 2013 [click here]

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​                   videotape event 2012 |  paul halliday’s tape sculpture film

Dress made of tights by Anna Kompaniets

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