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Our hybrid interactive package allows both in-person and virtual events to happen simultaneously, including breakouts, networking and display booth function.

Are you looking to create a dynamic hybrid conference incorporating virtual interactivity as well as real world?

About this service

Case Study: We approach conferences in the same fashion as we approach all performance and exhibitions, from the viewpoint of the audience. Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies (FAST), was an instruction from Queen Mary, University of London, along with partners Oxford and Nottingham universities. The brief was to create a cohesive narrative for this major EPSRC £5.3m research programme and present to the recorded music industry at Abbey Road Studios in London. Semantic technologies are at the cutting edge of innovation and this presentation required breaking each element down into comprehensible chunks. The interactive conference took the audience on a journey that built an understandable picture of how the technology worked and what it can do for their business or practice. References are available from all key participants in this event.

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Photo Tips: Click photos for further tips when preparing a conference.

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