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Up The Line                                                                                                        November 2010             

Brockley & Ladywell cemetery, London                                                              duration: 2 hours

Drawing on the 2009 we repeated Up The Line experimental live performance during darkness in Brockley and Ladywell cemetery, a designated nature reserve.  The dancers, poets, musicians and multimedia artists were better prepared for performing under such trying conditions of being outside in November during darkness and with one of the worst storms of the autumn blowing. 

With a small amount of funding from the London borough of Lewisham the event was made possible by Platform-7 working with a wide network in the local community   More than 400 people attended the free event despite the storm raging most of the day, testing both artist and crews resolve and spirit 

The response to the event surpassed 2009 and we were pleased by the responses to the survey that followed.  

Image Gallery  |  Audio: InterviewsAudio: Poetry Montage  |  Audience Survey  | Audience Srawl Wall


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