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Up The Line                                                                                                                November 2011

St John's cemetery, Margate, Kent                                                                          Duration: 2 hours

The third year of Up The Line saw platform-7 taking over St John's cemetery, Margate, on a cold clear full-moon night against a backdrop of some scepticism   Financially supported by Arts Council England, Thanet district council and Kent county council, the event was situated in an area of numerous social issues including vocal disquiet about immigration.

The performance attracted an audience iof more than 400 hundred of varying backgrounds (in addition to the 70+ people involved), to the somewhat remote location.   A focus was given to reconciliation and understanding foreign ways by highlighting the German war dead, buried with Commonwealth War grave headstones next to allied servicemen.   The performances explored gender, injury, carers and orphans.   

The attention of the audience was deeply affecting for all the artists involved; engaged and respectful, Margate evolved into the most enjoyable and forceful Up The Line yet.   The feedback from the audience and the artists demonstrated an apatite in Margate for conceptual live art performance.

Special thanks goes to the Friends of Margate St John’s cemetery and Thanet district council Bereavement services team for making this event possible.


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