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urban photo fest                                                                3rd-12th october 2013

tate, british library and other london locations                            duration: 9 days  

creative director of urban photo fest, paul halliday and platform-7 have been collaborating on a series of projects over the last decade, including art interventions in margate and in a disused blockbusters in catford, exploring regeneration and obsolescence.


since 2012 we have been developing a research project on understanding how the viewer interacts with a photographic image in public spaces and strategic planning for developing the urban photo fest.  for the 2013 festival, platform-7 will be presenting artist jonathan polkest’s draw me installation; allowing attendees an opportunity to actually engage with the subject of ‘materiality’ 


jonathan polkest explains,  

key historical references to the camera-obscura trail their strands of praxis and technique across many disciplines. scenographically divesting the individual artist of cult status and engaging a societal medium. the draw me/tedna ve installation seeks definitions of materialities in evidence of communities.  given a role to produce portraits with minimal technology the emphasis is on collaboration and use of the most basic hand to eye reactions.  the discourse concerning geometry and physics are reoriented in the human face through pen and paper: investigating the geography of a community


attendees have the opportunity to create a draw me portrait at tate britain on 5th october 2013 as part of urban photo fest symposium


Platform-7 will be developing the urban photo fest 2014 strategic framework with the others from the upf team, goldsmiths and paul halliday



upf website  |  jonathan polkest  | critique of street photographypaul halliday’s deluge

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