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Latest News 2013

This page shows regular news updates of Platform-7 from 2013

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Silent Cacophony-Typewriter 17 by PhotograFae

24th November 2013: Silent Cacophony website passes 10,000 pageviews, a first for one of Platform-7's abstract art events, and over 5,500 pageviews on the Londonist map

24th November 2013: Bagpiper Duncan Menzies on Bow Roundabout with poem by Anna Orhanen [click]23rd November 2013: Poet Alain English discusses the terror of reading poetry randomly in Weavers Fields in Tower Hamlets [click]

23rd November 2013: Word Raid 5 of 6; several interruptions take place in the latest installment of this clever intervention by David Lee Morgan, Jonathan Lockwood, Andy Rowe and Tom Westbrook [click]

22nd November 2013: Poetry and live music in the Hague forest, the launch sites of V-rockets on Britain during WWII [click]

22nd November 2013: Nik Storey describes his surreal experience and the reaction of the passing public in Dalston C.L.R James Library [click]

22nd November 2013: 4 of 6 installments of Word Raid – Answer the Call [click]

21st November 2013: An incredible amount of blog posts and feedback of the impact of Silent Cacophony

19th November 2013: Jude Cowen Montague’s poignant evocation of Alf Morris’ account of the Bethnal Green tube disaster captured by Paul Wady [click]

19th November 2013: Silence of Knitting in Liverpool sees Liz Hide reflecting on people she has never met [click]

18th November 2013: 1 of 6 videos, the stunning Word Raid, a original collaboration dissecting poetry

15th November 2013: How a simple misunderstanding brought about by expectation can create potential conflict ''No Cursor on a Manual Typewriter', Nancy Esposito and Liam Donovan [click]

5th November 2013: Brilliant film uploaded by Sharon Hall Shipp of 'silence of knitting' that took place in Ticehurst, East Sussex on Monday 11th November [click]

2nd November 2013: Creator on Silent Cacophony: Yesterday Silent Cacophony demonstrated, for me anyway, how art has the influence to fundamentally change individuals and imbue a sense of empowerment and affect people’s lives and the environment surrounding them. The aftershow gathering was electric, even for all those who were not artists, shared stories of individual artist’s meeting for the first time recounting the same responses; audience and passerbys who engaged reacting deeply in very similar fashion. Many 100s observed and participated with incredible texts of joy beginning to appear early despite the grey, chilly drizzle that fell most of the day. There was a huge amount of emotion going on throughout the events, and I found myself choked up at one point during my little ‘thank you’ last night. There are too many to mention, and too many impacted to say any name without missing off someone, so please take this an individual thank you to everyone who took part, helped, spread the word and generally made the event the experience it was. Loads of images, comments, blog post are coming in already, which will all be posted up over coming week, but I thought I would start with this brilliant brilliant short film away from bustling London. Filmed in East Sussex it really captures the idea of Silent Cacophony and its abstract nature in making people think about the world constructed around them. The wet road from the rain exaggerating the sound of the vehicles is fantastic. Thank You - John Mc x

8th November 2013: Events at a glance page in now available for viewing, download pdf ot print [click]

8th November 2013: Londonist map reaches 2,000 views since launch this afternoon [click]

8th November 2013: Westminster City Council have pulled out the stops to allow Daniel Jack McClennan film to be projected onto Tate Britain and big up to Chelsea Collage of Arts for allowing us to use their building as a base for the projector FROM 4.30pm [click]

8th November 2013: Artist Dawn Cole's amazing 'Silence of Knitting' has now expanded to Liverpool, Newark in Nottinghamshire, Ticehurst in East Sussex and Sydney, Australia as well as Margate, Kent, [read more here]

8th November 2013: lovely article on the Londonist

7th November 2013: Very innovative intervention in Bloomsbury by artist Rhiannon Armstrong and SHM-Productions. Footsteps on the pavement in Bedford Row mirror a journey taken by a silent Zeppelin airship and its crew on the night of 8th September 1915, when over 40 bombs were dropped on the Bloomsbury area, killing 26 people. It is on a scale of 1:125 and reoriented by 90 degrees. Each footstep corresponds to one of the bombs dropped, and the location it was dropped in [click to read more].

6th November 2013: Maria Alvarez Echenique sculpture ready to install into Dalston C.L.R. James Library [click]

6th November 2013; Poet Dr Rachel Lehrman launches a facebook page to consider mother's silence during conflict, war and remembrance [click]

6th November 2013: This was not a direct war tragedy but one caused by the fear war instils, the crush at Bethnal Green Tube [click]

5th November 2013: All confirmed for Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, MA Music Theatre intervention in Swiss Cottage library of John Cage’s 4’33” for choir [click]

25th October 2013: Poster and Flyers sent to printers, should begin appearing from

31st October 2013 [click]25th October 2013: Tower Hamlets have agreed Duncan Menzies (Bagpiper at Bow Roundabout), Alain English(Poetry in Weavers Fields) and Jude Cowen Montague (Poetry, street outside Bethnal Green tube station)

25th October 2013: Artist Eleonora Oreggia will mark this awful infant school tragedy in Poplar, East London [click]

25th October 2013: City of London approve Parlour Collective intervention concluding at the Barbican

24th October 2013: Southeastern are not only allowing the use of Greenwich train station by Camille Desmarestand Garry Scott James dance performance for Silent Cacophony but plan to promote it as well - Sunday and Monday times various:!GreenwichC-DesmarestGarry-James/zoom/c13du/image1eq1

23rd October 2013: Swiss Church in Covent Garden confirmed for the Sound Healing with Amanda Kent. A completely different FREE experience for Silent Cacophony

23rd October 2013:Dalston Library (Maria Alvarez Echenique/sculpture), Holborn Library (Terry Duffy/mini-Monuments) and Quakers Friends Garden, Euston (Lenka Horakova/sculpture) all confirmed today as locations for Silent Cacophony

22nd October 2013: New Silent Cacophony logo

22nd October 2013: confirmed details of over 30 events across London and beyond ...!event-location-details/c13du

23rd October 2013: Swiss Cottage library confirmed for Royal Central School Speech and Drama, MA Music Theatre's version of John Cage's 4'33"

23rd October 2013: Dalston Library (Maria Alvarez Echenique/sculpture), Holborn Library (Terry Duffy/mini-Monuments) and Quakers Friends Garden, Euston (Lenka Horakova/sculpture) all confirmed today as locations for Silent Cacophony

22nd October 2013: Another fantastic poster created for Platform-7 by Daniel Crawford of Type & Numbers for Silent Cacophony

22nd October 2013: Tower Hamlets have been super efficient in ensuring all of the Silent Cacophony events happening the borough have correct permissions

20th October 2013: Woolworths New Cross Road, blog post [click]

18th October 2013: 'Silence of knitting' by artist Dawn Cole has started to go global literally.

16th October 2013: Camden libraries excited by Terry Duffy's "mini monuments" in Holborn and asked whether something could take place in Swiss Cottage library? So they will get the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama MA Music Theatre's "4.33" performance!

14th October 2013: Risk assessments and artist engagement contracts sent out

13 October 2013: Poet David Neita is looking perform live from Austin, Texas, USA

11th October 2013: St Bride Library confirmed as location for post event gathering

10th October 2013: Artist Dawn Cole Silent Knitting crossing channel to Calais

8th October 2013: Event from Den Haag, Holland, (The Hague) with Dutch poet Harry Zevenbergen

2nd October 2013: Parlour Collective become latest artists to join Silent Cacophony, creating an intervention across Clarkenwell []

2nd October 2013: Liam Donovan and Eleonora Oreggia, PhD candidates at Queen Mary, University of London confirm involement.

2nd October 2013: Launch of Blog on Silent Cacophony

2nd September 2013: Arts Council England award Platform-7 funding for Silent Cacophony

22nd August 2013: Holidays over work begins in earnest on Silent Cacophony

17th July 2013: Arts Council England application for Silent Cacophony finally submitted

16th July 2013: Really enthusiastic artist meeting at Made in Greenwich who are coordinating Greenwich aspect of Silent Cacophony

15th July 2013: SHM-Productions becomes first commercial company to offer funding towards event

9th July 2013: More artists confirm involvement in Silent Cacophony

3rd July 2013: The become official media partner of ‘Silent Cacophony’

2nd July 2013: Queen Mary, University of London EECS offers financial contribution towards ‘Silent Cacophony’ [click]1st July 2013: Example page of Silent Cacophony artist framing [click]

30th June 2013: All invitations for Silent Cacophony sent to Platform-7 network artists

28th June 2013: Silent Cacophony website fully operational

21st June 2013: Draft version of Silent Cacophony website published20th June 2013:​ Central School of Speech & Drama confirm use of logo and event participation

19th June 2013: Website building begins

17th June 2013: Invitations to Platform-7 artists begins

7th June 2013: Queen Mary, University of London, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science confirms event partnership

10th June 2013: Queen Mary confirm desire to be involved in 2013 Remembrance 'Silent Cacophony'

7th June 2013: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Platform-7 to partner on 'Silent Cacophony'

6th June 2013: Cutting of tights into yarn well received in Catford [see facebook here]

6th June 2013: John McKiernan attends Creativeworks London AHRC funding roundtable with partner Professor Andy Pratt from King's College London

5th June 2013: Re-imagining posting of stories in public space disrupted

1st June 2013: Video of re-imagining ladies tights [watch]

22nd May 2013: John McKiernan on judging panel of Goldsmiths, University of London judging panel for Enterprise Boot Camp 2013 [click]

21st May 2013: First public washing of tights on the street in Catford Broadway warmly received by locals with many engaging and recounting stories of tights and their alternative uses [click]

10th May 2013: AHRC Creativeworks London award Platform-7 and King's College London funding to codify the company's collaborative practices. Andy Pratt, Professor of Culture, Media and Economy, Director of Culture, Media and Creative Industries Dept and his team will look back at Platform-7's working methods and follow projects over the summer to better understand creative collaboration

10th May 2013: An insight into a key influence behind Platform-7 [click to read advertising giant Dave Trott]

9th May 2013: Platform-7's John McKiernan confirms becoming panel judge for Goldsmiths Enterprise Bootcamp [click to see on Goldsmiths Website]

8th May 2013: Re-imagining Ladies Tights officially with incredible reaction across Lewisham. Recycle bags available at Goldsmiths, Lesoco, Lewisham council offices, and age UK in Catford where we will be running a series of workshops

7th May 2013: New Project Gig-a-Byte presentation complete

3rd May 2013: Arts Council England application for funding of 'Resting Place' submitted

2nd May 2013: Platform-7, Goldsmiths and Musion meet again to develop hologram perspective project

30th April 2013: SHM's Maurice Biriotti interested in another work session with Platform-7

30th April 2013: Attended the TCCE Conference at Cass Business School

22nd April 2013: Joint application by Platform-7 Events and Professor Andy Pratt, King's College London, for Creativeworks London, Localities and the Creative Industries: The Right Place, at the Right Time Voucher Scheme.

20th April 2013: Platform-7 visited Musion 3D to discuss a potential collaboration with Mariah Carey giving us a personal rendition [click to watch]

19th April 2013: Meeting with Musion 3D [click] to discuss potential collaboration

18th April 2013: New Blog created for 'Re-imagining Ladies Tights' [click here]

17th April 2013: New essay to accompany 'Resting Place' performance event by Senior Curator of V&A Print, Gill Saunders [click to read]

13th April 2013: New essay update on Margate 2-years on from the Moonbow Jakes intervention in 2011 [click]

11th April 2013: Jonathan Polkest's 'Draw Me InTransit' will take place on the Kings Road, Chelsea, Saturday 20th July 2013 [11am - 4pm] and again at Tate Britain as part of the UrbanPhotFest Saturday 5th October 2013 [11.30am-2.30pm] [click for full details]

10th April 2013: Fascinating essay by Senior V&A Curator, Gill Saunders, discussing Dawn Cole's 'Resting Place' and the thinking behind the forthcoming event - will be published soon.

10th April 2013: very interesting long conversation with Prof Mark Plumbley, Director of Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary, regarding possible collaboration on Platform-7's 2013 Remembrance event 'Silent Cacophony'

9th April 2013: Platform-7 had fascinating meeting with Martyn Ware, from Heaven 17 fame, to discuss potential collaboration regarding the Canary Wharf 2-minute silence installation [click] with his company Illustrious [click]

9th April 2013: Kent County Council provides part funding towards Resting Place, scheduled for 29th September 2013 in Ramsgate, Ellington Park [click]

9th April 2013: 'Re-imagining Ladies Tights' facebook page [click] 98 Likes in 24-hours of creation without promotion and 160 page views on the Platform-7 website.

8th April 2013: Application submitted to Thanet District Council for Dawn Cole's 'Resting Place' event in Ramsgate's Ellington Park, Sept 2013 [click]

8th April 2013: Arts Council Funding for the collaboration with Akleriah [click] to return to the disused Blockbuster in Catford for a new project 'Re-imagining Ladies Tights' exploring the politics around tights and stockings [click]

4th April 2013: Platform-7 has submitted joint application with Goldsmiths Sociology dept to AHRC Creativeworks London 'Entrepreneur-in-Residence' scheme to fund the company advising the UrbanFotoFest team and facilitating managed growth during 2013. Partners include Tate Britain, British Library and many others

26th March 2013: Attended Creativeworks London Creative Voucher Scheme workshop for 'Localities' with application partner Prof Andy Pratt, King's College London

25th March 2013: Attended full day workshop at NESTA to learn more on NESTA/AHRC/ACE R&D Development Fund.

20th March 2013: London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea commission Jonathan Polkest's Draw Me with Platform-7 for the InTransit festival in July 2013 [click]

19th March 2013: Professor Andy Pratt, Director, Culture, Media and Creative Industries, Kings College London agrees to a joint application for Creativeworks London, Localities and Creative Industry to better understand the concealed bonds that are required for there to be 'a sense of community' and devise practice ways of describing and explaining them. We aim to formalise Platform 7's practice in academic terms, and to examine how academic ideas can be translated into Platform 7's practice.

18th March 2013: Confirmed place for Digital R&D workshop regarding Paul Halliday's London Project [click]

18th March 2013: Met with Kate Sayer, Education Manager, The Poetry Society to discuss potential future collaborations.

15th March 2013: Akleriah private view of Olympia workshops to accompany performance at Queen's House, Greenwich next Saturday.

15th March 2013: Attended First Worl

18th March 2013: Confirmed place for Digital R&D workshop regarding Paul Halliday's London Project [click]

18th March 2013: Met with Kate Sayer, Education Manager, The Poetry Society to discuss potential future collaborations.

15th March 2013: Akleriah private view of Olympia workshops to accompany performance at Queen's House, Greenwich next Saturday.

15th March 2013: Attended First World War centenary in Kent and Medway with artist Dawn Cole to look for partnerships for Resting Place [click]

14th March 2013: Films complete for updated Knightsbridge page on no man's land website [click]

13th March 2013: Had meeting with Prof Ross Brown, Dean of Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

13th March 2013: Attended NESTA R&D Briefing regarding Paul Halliday project

12th March 2013: New Moonbow Jakes page explaining history of Platform-7 [click]

8th March 2013: Essay 'Was it worth it?' by John McKiernan asks whether live performance events like 'no man's land are worth the effort [click to read]

5th March 2013: Waterloo 2 minutes silence completes the silence page on no man's land

5th March 2013: Platform-7 was not chosen for the London Legacy Olympic Park poetry bid

4th March 2013: Opportunity to use the disused Eurostar terminal again at Waterloo

2nd March 2013: New Platform-7 website now fully operational

1st March 2013: Webpage for Canary Wharf underground station installation ready [click] and posted to 1914.or the IWM Centenary website

28th February 2013: Positive meeting between Dawn Cole and Florence Nightingale Museum regarding potential 'Resting Place' event in 2016

27th February 2013: London Underground welcome a new 2-week installation of Platform-7's 'no man's land' 2-minuites of silence films from 2012 Remembrance event

16th February 2013: New updated Tapescape Catford: The Intervention I & II webpages with gallery and videos [click]

12th February 2013: Bid submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation for their brief to have poetry in and around the Olympic park, it looks great. Partners, Young Chicago Authors, Queen Mary, Bath Spa Uni, Goldsmiths, St Bride Library, Flipside Youth Film Festival and possibly Royal Central School Speech and Drama and Cisco.

11th February 2013: Queen Mary University of London pledge support for our bid for poetry around the Olympic Park

7th February 2013: Got our first institutional support for LLDC poetry bid in writing "I would like to offer a strong offer of support for your proposed [poetry] project. As a Reader in Creative Writing and the module co-ordinator for performance poetry at Bath Spa University"

6th February 2013: Getting great interest from potential partners and many collaborators

5th February 2013: Attended very informative HLF workshop at British Museum and Creative Works at Geffrey Museum, Hoxton.

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