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Regularly updates of latest Platform-7 news - to see news from 2014 and before click here

Regularly Updated

28th July 2015: New film on London housing crisis with Diane Abbott, MP [click to watch]

23rd July 2015: Created a film with Diane Abbott on London housing crisis, release July 28th.

19th July 2015: David Lee Morgan performing his brand new 2015 Full Edinburgh preview show, BUILDING GOD, with special guest,Bird Radio (Mikey Kirkpatrick) performing his stunning new album featuring the words of Walter De La Mare, OH! HAPPY ENGLAND. [click for more]

5th April 2015: New blog post from Waste.Agency, Environmental Trilemma of Cheap Oil

28th March 2015: New blog post on conditions for pickers working in the UK textile recycling sector

27th March 2015: WRAP invite The Tights Ball to become guest blogger on national website

WRAP works with UK Governments, the EU and other funders to help deliver their policies on waste prevention and resource efficiency. We take action in those areas where we can have the greatest impact on reducing waste, protecting our natural resources and providing economic and environmental benefits.

10th March 2015: Fire Brigade HQ have own Tights Ball on exhibit – Southwark

3rd March 2015: Attended Resource at Excel discussing Circular Economy with Tights Ball project & Waste.Agency

3rd March 2015: Resource: Insurance pulling out of recycling confirmed

3rd March 2015: Tights Ball project is on many companies radar

3rd March 2015: RMS – Risk Management Strategies has half box of tights to collect

27th February 2015: Tights Balls Family increases as more tights added from across London

26th February 2015: Large box of tights arrive from Derby, England, creating first non-London Tights Ball

20th February 2015: The Tights Ball and Re-imagining Ladies Tights website both update and new Tights Ball and Bin City of London gallery

17th February 2015: Depressing blog post from Waste.Agency intervention discussing the potential of financial meltdown and possible war in Europe [click to read]

16th February 2015: Clearing and repacking of Waste.Agency complete

13th February 2015: Meeting in Bournemouth to finalise plans for new carbon material project, 2 years in the preparation

12th February 2015: Platform-7’s secret gallery close to be completed

11th February 2015: Visited 20 Fenchurch Street tower in The City, stimulating a number of ideas. View images

10th February 2015: All Waste.Agency artworks and equipment now stored

6th February 2015: Keys returned to Waterstones. Platform-7 appreciate the support provided

5th February 2015: Last of artworks removed from Waste.Agency // Keys returned

4th February 2015: Waste.Agency is now closed

3rd February 2015: Surprisingly large amount of directors from different insurance companies suddenly popping in to find out results of Waste.Agency intervention

3rd February 2015: Last day of Waste.Agency at Leadenhall Market, a big clear out operation.

2nd February 2015: Last evening of the Orchestra of Broken Instruments

30th January 2015: Notice given to Waterstones of Waste.Agency exit

30th January 2015: Waste.Agency surpasses 1,600 conversations

29th January 2015: Following numerous discussions with supporters of Platform-7, it was decided without the Waste.Agency changing agenda and pursuing income generation, spending precious funds on paying the City of London business rates unnecessarily cannot continue. It has been decided to close the project on Tuesday 3rd Feb, exactly 4 months since collecting keys.

20th January 2015: New Silver Leaf Tissue installation installed by artist Dawn Cole [click to view]

20th January 2015: Michael Connor, General Council to Lancashire Insurance Group agrees to give talk on history of regulation on Friday 20th Feb 2015

19th January 2015: Ex-Ofgem regulator Tabish Khan agrees to give talk on Energy Policy on 18th Feb 2015

19th January 2015: Stage 2 of the Waste.Agency is to explore the ‘Notion of Broken’, read more.

17th January 2015: Visited roof of Leadenhall Tower, known locally as the Cheesegrater

16th January 2015: Platform-7 individual supporters meet to discuss ongoing business rates being levied by the City of London on the Waste.Agency property

16th January 2015: A busy day of visitors at the Waste.Agency with the 1,400 visitors exceeded

15th January 2015: Ronnie Scott’s of Cliftonville delivers Junk Deluxe furniture, people can now bring lunch or drinks into the intervention without charge and hold meetings.

14th January 2015: UCL partnership preparations advancing. Platform-7 begins formally challenging City of London decision to levy business rates on intervention.

13th January 2015: Orchestra of Broken Instruments returns to the Waste.Agency for second season Click for blog

9th January 2015: A Silent Cacophony in Paris - Window at Platform-7 Waste.Agency intervention following the shooting in Paris at Charlie Hebdo offices [Click to view image of window]

7th January 2015: Blog Post: Recycling Insurance Risks Consumption Changes

6th January 2015: Blog Post: Corporate Songs With Dan Merrill

6th January 2015: New video introducing the Waste.Agency [click to watch]

6th January 2015: The Waste.Agency reopen 10.30 - 6pm Monday-Friday - Free Entry - 1 Whittington Avenue, Leadenhall, City of London, EC3V 1PJ

5th January 2015: Junk Deluxe becomes latest Platform-7 partner on Waste.Agency supplying vintage furnishings for the next stage of intervention.

23rd December 2014: Waste.Agency and Platform-7 closed until 6th January 2015 for New Year holidays

22nd December 2014: Formal letter from UCL outlining upcoming collaboration on the Waste.Agency from 1st January 2015.

21st December 2014: Total conversations at Waste.Agency: 1,309. Breakdown: 926 with City Workers / 383 non-City workers – view breakdown here

16th December 2014: Recycling industry under threat from insurance industry pull out – blog post to follow.

15th December 2014: Professors Imrie and Lee discuss their edited book, "Sustainable London?" from 12.30pm

12th December 2014: The UCL Institute of Global Prosperity becomes Waste.Agency partner

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