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  • John McKiernan

Women’s March | Reality Spectacle

This article is a short rallying call of the power peaceful protest can make in a world now in the hands of divisive mannequins paraded as demigods. Women’s March London 21st January 2017, 12noon onwards.

Do not underestimate the power of using your body as a peaceful tool for protest, it is not about sudden change, the power of such protest is the resonance it provides. Anti-Iraq war demo did not stop the war but it crippled Blair from creating more carnage and UK power to impose its will by aggressive means. The angry 50+ white men represented in Trump are dying. They are old and diseased by wreckage they made of their lives, angry and jealous of the young, women deciding their own decisions and the success of those they were taught were inferior beings. By being out on the streets laughing, talking, walking, cheering when passing vehicles toot support and connecting is disconcerting for those drinking cans of beer while shouting at the TV. They may scoff and scowl but are the ones going to bed lonely and confused, why are these 000s of people happy having "lost"? Trump is actually a victory for change, as strange as it sounds. The world will move towards a better place as people galvanise for what they want rather than what they don't want, and understand clearer what they have. By heading to your local protest you are adding your voice, making it heard and will feel enlivened that you are not a passive spectator in a world where the spectacle has become the reality. See you later in central London.

#liveevent #intervention

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