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News from Platfo4m-7 events, art interventions and other news during 2013

6th January 2015: The Waste.Agency reopen 10.30 – 6pm Monday-Friday – Free Entry – 1 Whittington Avenue, Leadenhall, City of London, EC3V 1PJ

5th January 2015: Junk Deluxe becomes latest Platform-7 partner on Waste.Agency supplying vintage furnishings for the next stage of intervention.

23rd December 2014: Waste.Agency and Platform-7 closed until 6th January 2015 for New Year holidays

22nd December 2014: Formal letter from UCL outlining upcoming collaboration on the Waste.Agency from 1st January 2015.

21st December 2014: Total conversations at Waste.Agency: 1,309. Breakdown: 926 with City Workers / 383 non-City workers – view breakdown here

16th December 2014: Recycling industry under threat from insurance industry pull out – blog post to follow.

15th December 2014: Professors Imrie and Lee discuss their edited book, “Sustainable London?” from 12.30pm

12th December 2014: The UCL Institute of Global Prosperity becomes Waste.Agency partner

11th December 2014: Corporate Songs evening with Dan Merrill [Read blog post]

1st December 2014: Beginning of the third month of the Waste.Agency with the Orchestra of Broken Instruments tonight from 5.30 with Bird Radio

30th November 2014: Could the insurance industry become the saviour of the Arts? [click to read post why this is possible]

29th November 2014: Is it possible insurance be the unlikely environmental hero forcing business practice and individual behavioural change? It is possible argues the Waste.Agency creator [click to read]

28th November 2014: Interesting and unexpected initial findings at the Waste.Agency that the insurance industry could possibly hold the keys for broader arts engagement & developing creativity in the UK27th November 2014: Events update at Waste.Agency; Anna Minton discusses her book Ground Control 4th Dec, 12.30pm / Prof. Rob Imrie & Prof. Loretta Lees discuss the new edited book, Sustainable London Mon 15th Dec 12.30 / Corporate song night Thur 11th Dec, from 6.00pm / Dr Roanna Mitchell will score The City, Wed 3rd Nov all day [click for detail listings]

27th November 2014: A series of new blog posts that intriguing reveals how insurance could hold many keys to various seemingly intractable problems [click]

26th November 2014: Sustainable London book launch Monday 15th Dec 2014, with Prof. Rob Imrie & Loretta Lees

26th November 2014: Next Orchestra of Broken Instruments Monday 1st rom 5.30pm FREE

26th November 2014: Atari: Game Over documentary proved great success

25th November 2014: Atati: Game Over documentary film night showing the excavation of Atari games from a landfill site in New Mexico. Accompanied by Atari games to play and live music by [read more about the discovery here]

24th November 2014: Week 6 of Bird Radio’s Orchestra of Broken Instruments – FREE and no music or singing skills required. Bring anything broken, even if not classified as an instrument. Check out the blog HERE for more

24th November 2014: Platform-7 founder John McKiernan will be discussing Prof. Rob Imrie & Prof. Loretta Lees edited book Sustainable London with Anna Minton and Dr Ben Campkin [click]

23rd November 2014: Can insurance become the unlikely hero in removing plastic from the seas and rivers, read the blog post here

22nd November 2014: Blog post outlining Arts Council England and SHM Foundation funding [click to read]

21st November 2014: Over 800 conversations have now taken place at the Waste.Agency with thousands stopping to view windows.

21st November 2014: Lloyd’s Market publish an interesting report on Catastrophe Modelling and Climate Change as emerging risk, click to download, Copyright Lloyd’s ,

19th November 2014: The Orchestra of Broken Instruments is developing beyond all expectations, read and listen to Bird Radio’s blog posts [click]

19th November 2014: Resting Place team meet to discuss taking event to France during 2015

18th November 2014: ‘it is challenging the paradigm, much deeper than you first think’ V.Bukuroshi, a view of one City worker See all written comments [click]

18th November 2014: Preparations for a new series of events at Waste.Agency now funding has been secured and over 750 people now engaged the project

17th November 2014: Arts Council England Award funding to the Waste.Agency

17th November 2014: SHM-Foundation award funding to the Waste.Agency

14th November 2014: Robust and diverse conversation throughout a busy lunchtime at the Waste.Agency.

13th November 2014: The intervention is showing a gulf between over 30s & 20somethings in regards how the economic system is formed

13th November 2014: 400 people have now engaged the project positively (this excludes those who have come for events or stopped at the windows).

12th November 2014: Tweet: Fun day @wasteagency with @DawnMCole & @JonnyPig, many in, sold lots and space is looking wonderful. All happy here!

11th November 2014: Platform-7’s founder John McKiernan invited to be discussant for “Sustainable London” book launch, Authors Rob Imrie and Loretta Lees [click for more]

10th November 2014: Tweet, 20+ people in for @bird_radio Awkestra of broken instruments & voices, follow the blog

10th November 2014: Comments book online [click]

8th November 2014: SHM Foundation offers to contribute towards the Waste.Agency.

8th November 2014: Big audience for Harmergeddon’s EP launch, supported by Charles Hayward and Warren Schoenbright

31st October 2014: Waste.Agency website fully updated with a dozen international speakers and academics will be presenting papers, updated bog posts and updated events listings.

31st October 2014: Over 500 people have engaged the project, more than 400 City workers have been very positive, more on this on the blog, 7 angry about the conversation and 55 perplexed. In addition our talks and events this week have brought a further 65 people – all very positive. Both Waste.Agency website and the Platform-7 main website are both seeing a significant day-on-day growth of new visitors, time on site and pages visited. 31st October 2014: Large numbers of senior professors preparing talks for the Waste.Agency:

Talks confirmed for next week;

Professor Caroline Knowles discussing the back roads of globalisation through “Flip Flops” Thursday 6th November, 5.30pm – Open to all and FREE

Professor John Wood discussing “Designing by Recombining” with members of ALCO – Association of London Cleansing Officers 12pm & 1pm repeated – Open to all and FREE

29th October 2014: Big audience in for the draft screen of James Holcombe’s film “Tyburnia” with live score by Nathan Robin Mann with assistance from Nick Castell. A sudden cold wet period over lunchtime subdued the foot traffic reducing the potential audience for the first of David Lee Morgan’s regular Wednesday lunchtime events of discussing the economy through spoken word.

27th October 2014: Bird Radio’s second broken Awkestra saw more than 10 people join over the period of the session. This week’s highlight was a symphony of crisp packets [read more & listen here]

23rd October 2014: Arts Council England offering to support if other funding can be secured

22nd October 2014: Waste.Agency has surpassed all expectations and much busier than expected

17th October 2014: The Waste.Agency is two weeks ahead of where it would be expected for such an intervention, over 150 people have been in the shop fully engaging and there was a visit from Kelvedon primary school academy who found the project better than the Design Museum – very gratifying.

16th October 2014: Shop window performance by Alma Tichlerwood and Bim Malcomson – Brief Encounter

16th October 2014: Bird Radio prepares new Monday evening interventions and Simon Folk-Out measures up for an installation of cutlery artwork as part of the food discussion.

15th October 2014: Paul Hazelton installs his stunning £1 coin house dust sculptures.

8th Octoboer 2014: HMV now has fully working Wifi for people to come and work

6th October 2014: The slow process of cleaning the HMV begins.

3rd October 2014: Waterstones provides keys for our new art performance intervention the Waste.Agency (which will also become home to The Tights Ball at Tights Central), Ex-HMV, 1 Whittington Avenue, City, Leadenhall, London EC3V 1LE.

2nd October 2014: Waste.Agency officially announced – Platform-7’s new 3-year intervention. [read more here]

1st October 2014: 18months on from our Re-imagining Tights project and still tights are being donated to AgeUK Lewisham & Southwark shop in Catford [click to view image]

29th September 2014: Great turnout for the third Resting Place event in Folkestone on a very warm sunny autumn evening [click to view images]

26th September 2014: EMS-Europe agree partnership to recycle all tapes and CDs from Waste.Agency amnesty

25th September 2014: Beautiful Resting Place rehearsal in advance of Sunday’s performance at 5pm on Folkestone Seafront [click]

24th September 2014: Tights Ball installed at London Cannon Street station coinciding with the UN Climate Summit [click]

24th September 2014: Resting Place video posted on London Charing Cross Facebook

20th September 2014: Video of Charing Cross performance, filmed and edited by Fae Harmer, soundscape of moving train by Nathan Harmer, voice Harry Vendryes and performer Niamh Lynam-Cotter [click to watch]

18th September 2014: Final preparations for Tights Ball installation at London Cannon Street train station [behind the scenes]

18th September 2014: Excellent feedback from London Fire Brigade HQ where their bin is full after only being cleared yesterday

18th September 2014: Waste.Agency shop unit entitled to 50% rates reduction

17th September 2014: Full Tights Bin at London Fire Brigade [see image]

16th September 2014: Site visit of new 3-month intervention – the Waste.Agency

14th September 2014: Resting Place Folkestone poster ready [click]

9th September 2014: The British Library will be archiving all Platform-7’s websites for their cultural value [click]

9th September 2014: Full bin of tights at British Land HQ in Westminster, kicking off a new City of Westminster Tights Ball

9th September 2014: Full bin of tights from City of London Corporation’s bin and confirmation of Ball moving to the Guildhall

8th September 2014: London Fire Brigade HQ becomes home to the Camden Tights Ball with plinth kindly provided by LBF neighbour the Jerwood Space [click to view image]

4th September 2014: British Library have decided to follow yesterday’s archiving of the 2012 event but to archive 2013’s Silent Cacophony and the ongoing Resting Place websites

3rd September 2014: British Library will be archiving Platform-7’s 2012 Remembrance event across the London Underground for prosperity – congratulations to everyone who made it happen!

3rd September 2014: New York Times gives recognition to the extremely talented Roanna Mitchell [click], Movement Director on Resting Place

2nd September 2014: “The ball is certainly effective at grabbing people’s attention”, Karen Marks, Clean City Awards and Recycling Manager, City of London Corporation – CoL request moving The Tights Ball to the to the prestigious Guildhall

30th August 2014: Pleased to announce that the 2012 essay by John McKiernan and Loretta Lees has finally been officially published by Intellect [click here to view]

29th August 2014: British Land becomes first UK FTSE 100 company to exhibit Tights Ball and begin collecting/discussing tights and stockings [click for more]

27th August 2014: London borough of Lewisham request return of tights bins in libraries across the borough from September 2014

15th August 2014: Platform-7’s John McKiernan is this week’s Londonist Out Loud Podcast guest discussing tights and other abstract performance art interventions with N Quentin Woolf on London Bridge train station’s platform seven [click]

15th August 2014: The Tights Ball with a bin is now on display at the City of London Corporation’s Upper Thames street offices to great reception from the council’s staff passing through [click to view image]

14th August 2014: Platform-7 is pleased to confirm that London Cannon Street station has become Platform-7’s first fixed exhibition space in the City of London

14th August 2014: British Land now have a Tights Bin and are collecting tights at their London HQ

13th August 2014: Positive meeting with North London Waste Authority (NLWA) regarding potential involvement in The Tights Ball project next year [view image of NLWA Tights Bin]

12th August 2014: soft launch

11th August 2014: Given tour of the Selchp waste incinerator facility in Deptford, south east London

8th August 2014: The Tights Ball project is now in recess until late autumn 2014 – if you would like to know more please email us here

7th August 2014: project begins

6th August 2014: Bins collected from donation points and Camden Ball almost the size of Lewisham Ball

29th July 2014: In this article, Prosumer: Exploitation of Hub Members, the argument being presented is that trendy London hubs are yet another way of making people feel good about giving away their creativity & ideas for free [click]

22nd July 2014: Platform-7 founder John McKiernan interviewed for Londonist podcast by N Quentin Woolf on platform seven at London Bridge train station discussing Platform-7, tights, regeneration and the importance of noticing the small things.

22nd July 2014: Manager of London Bridge train station provided a full run down of the development of the new station including details of the opening of platform seven on 30th August 2016.

21st July 2014: Festival Republic is developing the future of large-scale commercial UK festivals with their Latitude brand

15th July 2014: Network Rail allow access to the new company namesake, platform 7 on London Bridge for Londonist Out Loud interview with Platform-7 founder

15th July 2014: Attended Creativeworks half way meet up party

11th July 2014: Application submitted to AHRC Creativeworks London for Joining the Dots Voucher 7, in association with Goldsmiths Professor Emeritus John Wood’s Metadesigners and networks researcher Dr Oli Mould, Royal Holloway.

11th July 2014: The Tights Ball presentation was well received by around 25 waste officers from various councils and other bodies at the monthly ALCO – Association of London Cleansing Officers meeting with shared enthusiasm for the ambition of placing the ball on the Fourth Plinth.

11th July 2014: Bid for Margate Home call unsuccessful.

10th July 2014: Preparations for presentation of The Tights Ball to all 32 London borough councils at Association of London Cleansing Officers on Friday

9th July 2014: Royal Central School provides a 3.6kg ball of tights and half a bin of more tights. Ball and Plinth returned to Platform-7 HQ [click to view images]

8th July 2014: Visits to Camden tights bins to find many jam packed full. Kilos of tights collected to add to a Camden Tights Ball.

8th June 2014: Rcsssd Somers Town films of performance tights final cut almost ready

8th July 2014: Visiting the borough of Camden tights bins to see how many tights have been donated across the borough

8th June 2014: Rcsssd Somers Town films of performance tights final cut almost ready

7th June 2014: Application bid for Margate Home commission submitted

4th June 2014: Site visit to Folkestone in advance of Resting Place event in September and met with the very warm Diane Diver, organiser of the Folkestone Fringe who showed us around

2nd July 2014: Dead Rat Orchestra play a stunning gig introducing Rough Music project at The Foundling Museum, where there is an excellent exhibition of Hogarth prints and Grayson Perry tapestries.

30th June 2014: David Lee Morgan performs and airs his hard hitting and highly original new Edinburgh show at Fiddlers Elbow

30th June 2014: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama create front page press release regarding The Tights Ball [click to read]

28th June 2014: Attended the excellent conversation, Architecture after the Revolution at Tate Modern: DAAR (Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Eyal Weizman) in conversation with Ilan Pappe and Okwui Enwezor. Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium

27th June 2014: Candela Delgado’s review of Silent Cacophony published in Harts & Minds Silence & Sound edition 2014 [click to read]

27th June 2014: Darren Sperring presents his new work to and very receptive Platform-7 – much more to come on this

26th June 2014: Excellent review of The Tights Ball performance in the respected Camden New Journal [click]

25th June 2014: Site visit and discussions for new exhibition space at Cannon Street, City of London.

24th June 2014: North London Waste Authority would like to discuss the Tights Project

24th June 2014: John McKiernan invited to be interviewed for London Out Loud podcast to discuss Platform-7 projects and the city

23rd June 2014: Prof. John Wood and John McKiernan finalise Creativeworks London network AHRC bid

21st June 2014: Snaps from Friday’s performances here and Central’s music theatre performance today at Walker House, Somers Town, Euston, 11.30am & 12.30am

20th June 2014: Live Performances: The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

MA Music Theatre presents “Veolia Songs” Fri 12noon / Sat 11.30 & 12.30 click for details

20th June 2014: Dawn Cole and Roanna Mitchell discuss Silent Cacophony’s Silence of Knitting and Resting Place at UEL International Conference: Spaces of Memory & Performance

19th June 2014: Tights Ball moves from Swiss Cottage library to Royal Central school in advance of performances beginning tomorrow in Swiss Cottage

18th June 2014: Two Platform-7 projects make the front page of The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama website today, click to view

18th June 2014: Word from Somers Town in Euston that local people are very enthusiastic about upcoming tights performances by MA Music Theatre students of

18th June 2014: Great meeting with Dr Oli Mould, geographer, Royal Holloway and Prof. Emeritus John Wood, design, goldsmiths, we are going for a AHRC Creativeworks voucher to follow next stage of platform-7 and metadesigners collaboration

17th June 2014: Following a meeting with Network Rail regarding track side scrap, Platform-7 will have access to this ‘seeming’ waste and has been offered space at Cannon Street station to display new work

17th June 2014: Camden council and Royal Central school pool media resources to push upcoming tights performances, tights dress and new bin delivered to Camden Town Hall and major international law firm interested in Ball being displayed in reception of global HQ in advance of their new environmental push.

16th June 2014: Met with Nora Razian of Tate to catch up on each other’s projects

16th June 2014: Met with Janis Jefferies, Associate Pro Warden Culture and Creative Industries, Goldsmiths, to discuss potential closer working ties with the college

16th June 2014: Liz Cooke, purchaser of the Tight Dress very kindly loans garment for upcoming Camden Recycle week events

16th June 2014: National Recycle Week begins

15th June 2014: Attended and impressed by Counterpoint arts and Platforma’s annual Refugee events festival on Southbank, Paper Project by Oval House of particular high quality

14th June 2014: website and mobile site now complete – comments welcome

13th June 2014: Camden council issuing press release and will be tweeting tights performances for next week’s event, all risk assessments approved

13th June 2014: Akleriah create a series of new tights videos – much fun and an interesting project developing

12th June 2014: Invited to discuss Tights Ball project with ALCO – Association of London Cleansing Officers

12th June 2014: Lewisham council requests tights bins for 4 libraries in borough to restart tights project

12th June 2014: Camden Council ask to extend tights project and possibly expand across borough throughout summer 2014

11th June 2014: Folkestone Harbour gives permission to use their space for third Resting Place event in Folkestone on 29th September 2014 [view location here]

10th June 2014: Excellent site visit to Walker House in Somers Town, Euston, with Akleriah and Royal Central School MA Music Theatre in preparations for Tights Ball performances

10th June 2014: London borough of Camden appear very pleased with the Tights project progression

10th June 2014: Almost a full bin of tights at Somers Town community centre, Euston

10th June 2014: AgeUK Camden become latest bin location for tights drop off point

9th June 2014: Warm responses from Folkestone regarding next Resting Place event on 29th September 2014

9th June 2014: All risk assessments for Central School performances submitted to LB Camden

9th June 2014: Attended the Creativeworks London, Live Audience Augmentation event

7th June 2014: John Hegarty (BBH advertising founder and Creative Director) develops a strong discussion about creativity at the V&A and key points are added to the recent blog provocation on Platform-7 about the decline in creativity. Read here

7th June 2014: Some interesting presentations at the MA Design Futures at Goldsmiths

7th June 2014: Tights Ball on display at Kentish Town library and tights bin location [click for direction]

6th June 2014: Warm reception for the Royal Central and Akleriah tights ball cutting and making intervention in Queen’s Crescent market, great fun in the sun [see gallery here]

5th June 2014: LIVE FREE EVENT: Tights Ball intervention in Queen’s Crescent market, Gospel Oak, London, NW4 4HH with The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama from 10.00am – 2.00pm Creative Making Workshop – All Welcome [more]

4th June 2014: Meeting between Metadesigners and Platform-7 regarding new partnership and developing new language for forthcoming intervention

4th June 2014: Visited Pathology Museum to discuss the potential of using as a venue

4th June 2014: New website goes live

3rd June 2014: Final preparations for Tights Ball in Camden intervention on 5th June

31st May 2014: Attending The Roar Of The Crowd: a conference on theatre spectators and cultural value at SOAS Mallet St

30th May 2014: If you are going to ask artists to stick their head on the block then you have to be prepared for the same, a warts ‘n’ all AHRC Creativeworks London report on Platform-7’s practices by Professor Andy Pratt: The Enigma that is Platform-7: CWL Creative Voucher, The Silent Cacophony case study Author: Andy C Pratt (City University London), Kate Mattocks (City University London) and Aysegul Kesimoglou (City University London)

29th May 2014: Kentish Town library very keen for Tights Ball exhibition beginning directly following the ‘cutting and making’ intervention in Queen’s Crescent market on Thursday 5th June from 10am – 2pm

29th May 2014: Final preparations meeting with Prof. Paul Barker at Royal Central

29th May 2014: Attended University of Kingston’s The Heritage of Performance and the Performance of Heritage at ICA

28th May 2014: Tights bins delivered to locations in Camden – visit new website for more info

28th May 2014: Attended CWLondon event Joining the Dotsat St Brides Institute discussing Networks

28th May 2014: Attended the launch of Goldsmiths Sociology Professor, Caroline Knowles launch of her new book Flip Flop

27th May 2014: New provocation posted in advance of new autumn intervention Advertucation: An Education by Advertising Stagnation [read here]

27th May 2014: A number of funding applications submitted to trust on behalf of Resting Place

23rd May 2014: Loretta Lees and John McKiernan have been invited to critique earlier joint essay on Margate 2011 intervention for chapter in Geographies of Urban Public Art: Spatial Mediations of Art, People and Identities to be published by Ashgate [read more]

23rd May 2014: New website for tights project [] going live soon

23rd May 2014: Posters, business cards and leaflets created for tights ball project following excellent meetings with Queen’s Crescent and Somers Town’s community associations.

22nd May 2014: Visiting the Somers Town estate in Euston and Queen’s Crescent market and association to discuss the tights intervention and performance plus MAMT show at Central School this afternoon – tickets here

21st May 2014: New website name purchased for Re-imagining Ladies Tights project – – coming soon!

21st May 2014: Interesting abuse be levelled at Resting Place on the Platform-7 blog [click here] which has generated over 120 hits in 3 days – an blog post will follow to discuss this and the wider implications for the Centenary generally

16th May 2014: Resting Place Charing Cross train gallery now online

15th May 2014: Attended a very amusing and enjoyable public engagement awards ceremony at Queen Mary, UoL

13th May 2014: Hubs: Little more than a place to work is the second provocation in advance of a new intervention beginning in autumn 2014

13th May 2014: Discussion continue between Metadesigners and Platform-7 regarding future partnership

13th May 2014: Presentation for QMUL completed

13th May 2014: Wonderfully positive response to tights project at Queen’s Crescent market on 5th June

12th May 2014: Photos and other documentation arriving from various places regarding the excellent Resting Place performance on Saturday

10th May 2014: Hundreds see the Resting Place performance event at Charing Cross with many deeply moved

10th May 2014: Ramsgate train ready, incredible amount of work by Southeastern staff and Network Rail teams, we have 3 security to accompany us.

9th May 2014: Concerns about power supply on the train continue to cause headaches for the tech team

8th May 2014: Everything in place for Saturday’s Resting Place performance

8th May 2014: Tights project winding up for a busy June around Camden, Anna Kompaniets completes the last of 6 hand made tights bins ready for distribution

4th May 2014: How to buy tickets for the UK’s first live sound installation ever on a train [click]

3rd May 2014: Attended the amazing Cosmic Puffin festival in Essex, what a festival should be about – wonderful

3rd May 2014: Roanna Mitchell and Nathan Harmer give beautifully brief descriptions of Resting Place performances next week on a train from Ramsgate and at Charing Cross station [click]

2nd May 2014: Finally able to fully promote train event for May 10th [click here for details]

2nd May 2014: Occasional e-flyer of all Platform-7 spring events sent to 900 subscribers [click to view]

1st May 2014: John McKiernan speaks about Margate and Turner at Goldsmiths CUCR/AHRC Experts Workshop ‘Curating Community’

1st May 2014: All of Margate 2011 intervention migrated to new HTML Platform-7 website [click]

30th April 2014: New videos and final preparations for upcoming tights ball interventions in Camden

30th April 2014:TRIM TABS: TINY ADAPTATION CAN HAVE IMMENSE APPLICATION blog post kicks off a series of provocations in advance of major new intervention in autumn 2014

29th April 2014: Somers Town & Swiss Cottage areas chosen for The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama’s tights performance and Queen’s Crescent for the final tights intervention – all in June 2014

28th April 2014: Resting Place Charing Cross video now live [click]

27th April 2014: Research train trip to Ashford proves the complexities of creating the second Resting Place event

25th April 2014: Southeastern Railways kindly provide free train tickets for P7 to research train performance

24th April 2014: Promo video for Resting Place will be appearing on information screens at Charing Cross station, thanks to Network Rail

24th April 2014: Resting Place website completely updated

23rd April 2014: Poster for Charing Cross train station electronic boards ready [click]

23rd April 2014: Excellent endorsement from The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama on the impact of the Tights Ball in changing attitudes within the conservatoire in regards recycling and the wider environment [click]

22nd April 2014: Risk assessment and running schedule complete for Resting Place on 10th May at Charing Cross station

17th April 2014: Developing new project idea with Maria Alvarez Echenique, Eleonora Oreggia (x-name) produced a very interesting gig at Union Chapel, Islington, Tight ACE application slow going.

16th April 2014: Update on projects from artist/poet Jude Cowen Montague, constructive meeting with SHM’s Maurice Biriotti to discuss Creative Publics, finalising plans with Network Rail regarding Charing Cross Resting Place performance and a successful opening of Leila Segal, Voice of Freedom at Amnesty International

15th April 2014: Platform-7’s founder John McKiernan will be discussing Margate 2011 intervention at the AHRC Experts Workshop ‘Curating Community’ on 1st May 2014 with Goldsmiths CUCR. Director Prof Alison Rooke.

15th April 2014: Meeting with John Wood to discuss closer collaboration between and Platform-7 Events, feedback from Prof Paul Barker (Royal Central School) and Prof Michael Keith (Oxford) regarding Creative Publics, first draft of ACE application for Tights Ball

14th April 2014: Attended the opening reception and private view of Henri Matisse ‘The Cut-Outs’ at Tate Modern, one of the most incredible exhibitions we have seen

13th April 2014: SHM-Foundation’s ‘Snapshot Songs’ at the Barbican with a full house in the beautiful Guildhall School of Music new concert hall, wonderful evening

10th April 2014: Lenka Horakova’s stunning key sculpture for Silent Cacophony’s ‘Notions of Home’ goes on display at Platform-7 HQ

11th April 2014: Professor Emeritus John Wood discusses redesigning how society operates as part of the new Platform-7 project on Creative Publics

10th April 2014: Executive Dean of Queen Mary, University of London, gathered all the Vice-Principles together yesterday to meet me and discuss how QMUL and Platform-7 can collaborate on a new major project. I have been invited to return in a month’s time to discuss a proposal more broadly with the broader college and the Research Council UK. Early stages but anyone interested in discussing let us know by the usual routes.

10th April 2014: Mikey Kirkpatrick’s ‘Oh, Happy England’ rapturously received at Cecil Sharp House on its first full test in front of an audience

9th April 2014: John McKiernan’s essay critiquing hubs sent to a number of senior professors to have it critiqued

9th April 2014: Video of drivers view of train journey from Dartford – London – Dartford for Resting Place research – thanks to Sountheastern Railways [Watch Here]

8th April 2014: DEPTFORD EVENT – FREE Has the Tide Turned? “Regeneration” Then and Now: 21 Years of Urban Change in Deptford In the 20th anniversary of CUCR we will be looking over the last 21 years of ‘regeneration’ in Deptford. Platform-7’s John McKiernan will be discussing his experiences setting up and running Moonbow Jakes in New Cross

3rd April 2014: Fantastic day recording the magnetic and ambient sound and filming of a moving train for sound and film installation for Resting Place. A huge thanks to Southeastern Railways for organising access to the cab and to Paul for driving us from Dartford to Charing Cross and back again. Exciting sound footage and sound to come.

2nd April 2014: Dawn Cole discusses and performs Silent Cacophony’s Silence of Knitting at Southampton university as part of In the Loop

2nd April 2014: Platform-7 founder offered visiting fellowship at Goldsmiths

2nd April 2014: Essay critiquing Hubs almost complete in advance of new intervention in 2014

1st April 2014: Several projects arrive from various artists and event organisers.

28th March 2014: Wonderful press review and beautiful photos of Niamh Lynam-Cotter and Harry Vendryes in The Thanet Gazette of Resting Place performance in Ellington Park [click]

27th March 2014: Press for The Tights Ball on Day One of its display at Swiss Cottage library with Londonist adding image and link here

27th March: We Have A Train! Southeastern Railways have provided a fully operational train for Resting Place on May 10th, from Ramsgate to Charing Cross where a performance will take place on the concourse

26th March: Incredible reaction to the The Tights Ball being installed in Swiss Cottage library [read blog post and view images]

26th March 2014: The Tights Ball being installed in Swiss Cottage library kicking off the tights collection across the London borough of Camden

25th March 2014: Professor Emeritus John Wood proving invaluable help in developing a new language for a new Platform-7 project concerning communication

25th March 2014: Dawn Cole discusses her feelings and throughts about the first Resting Place performance in Ellington Park [click]

24th March: Great turnout despite terrible weather for first Resting Place event in Ellington Park yesterday with three times our expected audience [Thanet Gazette photo]

21st March 2014: Full page article in Thanet Gazette [read]

21st March 2014: Network Rail offer to display poster of next event on screens at Charing Cross station

21st March 2014: Good day finding all the sites for The Tights Ball interventions and performance locations for this June.

21st March 2014: Reward Gateway provide two excellent professional lapel microphones for Sunday’s event as support

21st March 2014: Great pride at HQ at long term Platform-7 collaborators getting the recognition they deserve on BBC News

20th March 2014: New essay to accompany the thoughts behind the Public Tights Wash in Swiss Cottage with Royal Central School [click to read]

20th March 2014: Gallery and Camden tights project page update

20th March 2014: Final preparation for Resting Place performance on Sunday 23rd March

19th March 2014: Visit Kent and Visit Thanet Supporting Resting Place event on their websites

19th March 2014: Re-imagining Ladies Tights blog fully updated with research and theories and practice behind the tights project:

16th March 2014: Beautiful rehearsal at Ellington Park, Ramsgate in preparation for Resting Place next Sunday, 23rd March from 3pm.

15th March 2014: Great fun had in collecting tights stories with Royal Central School MA music theatre students and artists Lenka Horakova and Anna Kompaniets outside LB Camden’s Swiss Cottage library for The Tights Ball and part of Re-imagining Ladies Tights

14th March 2014: Meeting with Southeastern Trains to discuss the potential of two trains for Resting Place project. Warmly received and, with Visit Kent, will do all they can to make the project happen. Entire Resting Place team very excited.

12th March 2014: Veolia Environmental Waste Services and London Borough of Camden agree details on providing bin truck for The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama MA Music Theatre Tights Ball project with Akleriah, as well as another truck for a month to collect tights [click]

12th March 2014: Posters and flyers for Resting Place ready for distribution, get in touch if you require some.

1st March 2014: Listen Again to Platform-7 Resonance interview HERE

Resonance 104.4fm and online: Platform-7 discusses contested space:

John McKiernan, founder of Platform-7 Events will be discussing public art interventions and contested space with Professor Andy Pratt (City) and Professor Loretta Lees (Leicester) on Resonance 104.4fm and online, 2.30pm today Sat 1st March.

The focus will be Platform-7’s art performance interventions in Margate during 2011 mirroring the opening of the Turner Contemporary, an intervention about the politics of the videocassette in a disused Blockbuster Video store, closed following looting during 2011 riots in Catford, and an annual event that explores how people reach their opinion on conflict and war, which has taken place every Remembrance Week since 2009.

With sound art inserts from Nathan Harmer’s Ext-1 (Blockbuster 2012 intervention), a section of Claire Ryohko Kohda Hazelton & Dean Wood’s Claire & Dean play Tony & Dominic track (Margate 2011 intervention), Julian Jacobson’s Prelude (no man’s land 2012) and conclude with excerpts from GYBE 2012 album Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! on owning sonic space, directly inspired by the Montreal demonstrations in 2012. http://www.platform-7.comThe essay, Art-led regeneration in Margate: learning from Moonbow Jakes Café and Lido Nightclub intervention by Professor Loretta Lees and John McKiernan will be published in Art and the Public Sphere: Public Art and Accountability, March 2014

28th February 2014: Discussing and viewing spaces for new large scale project

28th February 2014: Historian Ruth Richardson meets to discuss Resting Place essay

27th February 2014: Fascinating survey report from ixia on public art funding 2011-2013 for the period from 2011 to 2013, we estimate that the public art market was worth over £167m [click to read more]

26th February 2014: Attending a series of FWW talks at LSE

25th February 2014: Dawn Cole on BBC News South East discussing Resting Place archive, also featured Resting Place future partner Powell Cotton Museum and Quex Park

25th February 2014: Funding application to Thanet District Council to create another Draw Me/Tedne Ve: Changing Face of Cliftonville in Margate/Cliftonville during summer 2014, to see this wonderful event from 2011 on Cliff Terrace, Cliftonville [click here]

23rd February 2014: Excellent document film by Sandra Djukic of Harry Vendryes reading his text ‘The Silence’ on The Lion King stage at the Lyceum as part of Silent Cacophony – read blog post and listen to this incredibly strong text [here]

21st February 2014: Team visits location of major new project and view 3500 year-old authenticated papyrus and original Chaucer books

21st February 2014: National Rail enquire after a potential Dawn Cole commission for new waiting room at Charing Cross station

20th February 2014: More blog posts and texts migrate to the new Platform-7 website

20th February 2014: Camden Council agree funding and use of a bin truck and crew for The Tights Ball in Camden with artists Lenka Horakova and Anna Kompaniets and MA Music Theatre of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

23rd February 2014: Platform-7 discusses delivering a Up The Line project for Peace One Day

21st September 2014 as Peace One Day’s founder Jeremy Gilley delivers a powerful presentation on the organisations plans to institutionalise peace for one day.

19th February 2014: Good prep meeting for the upcoming 1 hour radio appearance on @JudeCowanMontag @ResonanceFM ‘The News Agents’ show with Platform-7 founder John McKiernan, Prof Andy Pratt and Prof. Loretta Lees discussing contested public space – the takeover of our city centres and rights of way by private firms – the replacement of police with security guards – and the right to do arts or just be yourself down town – rules of behaviour

19th February 2014: Powell Cotton Museum confirmed their interested in being a Resting Place performance location partner in 2015/16.

19th February 2014: Fascinating presentation by a jet lagged @JeremyGilley founder @PeaceOneDay on institutionalising peace for one day at May Fair Hotel, London

18th February 2014: Interest from Radio 3 in the Resting Place project

18th February 2014: Signed consent for Platform-7’s first full academic journal publication; the essay on the Margate 2011 intervention to be published in “Art & the Public Sphere: Public Art & Accountability” – March 2014

17th February 2014: St Bride Print library keen to develop potential involvement with Pushing Print partnership in 2015

17th February 2014: Excellent meeting with Charing Cross Hotel to discuss Resting Place, where Clarice stayed on her route to France in 1915, further discussions scheduled to discuss potential partnership

17th February 2014: Academic research page migrated from disused Flash Blog [click]

14th February 2014: First combine meeting of all involved with Camden tights interventions, including MA Music Theatre students and artists Lenka Horakova and Anna Kompaniets

13th February 2014: Attended excellent Refugee Week conference organised by Platforma and Counterpoint Arts at Amnesty International

12th February 2014: The Tights Ball reception at Central School this evening; ‘The Beggars’ Opera’ performance with guests Camden council

11th February 2014: Network Rail and Southeastern agree use of Charing Cross for Resting Place performance

11th February 2014: A passionate and thoughtful speech by Festival Republic’s Melvin Benn on how events organisers must change approach to the environment at the Event Production Show

11th February 2014: Attending Richard Hamilton PV at Tate Modern

11th February 2014: Resting Place meeting to finalise Ellington Park, Ramsgate, performance

11th February 2014: Platform-7 is attending the Event Production Show

10th February 2014: Task of migrating the blog is proving slower than hoped, but fascinating rereading all the blog post from the last 5 years

8th February 2014: The Tights Ball goes on display at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama with collection bins for broken tights as part of Go Green Week. Read more

8th February 2014: Bid to HLF for a return to cemeteries confirmed

7th Feburary 2014: Anna Kompaniets prepares The Mother Tights Ball for Camden exhibition

6th February 2014: Resting Place interest rising with bunting arriving at Platform-7 HQ

4th February 2014: AHRC Creativeworks London voucher scheme workshop at Trampery and Arcola Theatre

4th February 201: Attended the Richard Deacon private view at Tate Britain

28th January 2014: Positive meeting with London Borough of Camden in regards tights project taking place across the borough

27th January 2014: Prof Andy Pratt and Platform-7 founder submit AHRC funded document, The Enigma that is Platform-7 to Creativeworks London. An excellent report following Platform-7 practice for the previous 6months

24th January 2014: Attended the excellent HLF event on WWI funding projects at V&A

21st January 2014: Met the founder of Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley

20 January 2014: Prof. Andy Pratt of City University completes 6 months study of Platform-7’s practice

17th January 2014: Urban Photo Fest 2014 discussion meeting

17th January 2014: Prof. Loretta Lees, University of Leicester, and John McKiernan’s essay on Platform-7’s Margate intervention in 2011 to be published in Art & The Public Sphere Special Edition, March 2014

14th January 2014: Platform-7 met Camden libraries to discuss potential collaboration

14th January 2014: Resting Place group duscussion meeting

14th January 2014: Platfom-7 meeting with Southeastern to discuss Resting Place


24th November 2013: Silent Cacophony website passes 10,000 pageviews, a first for one of Platform-7’s abstract art events, and over 5,500 pageviews on the Londonist map

24th November 2013: Bagpiper Duncan Menzies on Bow Roundabout with poem by Anna Orhanen [click]23rd November 2013: Poet Alain English discusses the terror of reading poetry randomly in Weavers Fields in Tower Hamlets [click]

23rd November 2013: Word Raid 5 of 6; several interruptions take place in the latest installment of this clever intervention by David Lee Morgan, Jonathan Lockwood, Andy Rowe and Tom Westbrook [click]

22nd November 2013: Poetry and live music in the Hague forest, the launch sites of V-rockets on Britain during WWII [click]

22nd November 2013: Nik Storey describes his surreal experience and the reaction of the passing public in Dalston C.L.R James Library [click]

22nd November 2013: 4 of 6 installments of Word Raid – Answer the Call [click]

21st November 2013: An incredible amount of blog posts and feedback of the impact of Silent Cacophony

19th November 2013: Jude Cowen Montague’s poignant evocation of Alf Morris’ account of the Bethnal Green tube disaster captured by Paul Wady [click]

19th November 2013: Silence of Knitting in Liverpool sees Liz Hide reflecting on people she has never met [click]

18th November 2013: 1 of 6 videos, the stunning Word Raid, a original collaboration dissecting poetry

15th November 2013: How a simple misunderstanding brought about by expectation can create potential conflict ”No Cursor on a Manual Typewriter’, Nancy Esposito and Liam Donovan [click]

5th November 2013: Brilliant film uploaded by Sharon Hall Shipp of ‘silence of knitting’ that took place in Ticehurst, East Sussex on Monday 11th November [click]

2nd November 2013: Creator on Silent Cacophony: Yesterday Silent Cacophony demonstrated, for me anyway, how art has the influence to fundamentally change individuals and imbue a sense of empowerment and affect people’s lives and the environment surrounding them. The aftershow gathering was electric, even for all those who were not artists, shared stories of individual artist’s meeting for the first time recounting the same responses; audience and passerbys who engaged reacting deeply in very similar fashion. Many 100s observed and participated with incredible texts of joy beginning to appear early despite the grey, chilly drizzle that fell most of the day. There was a huge amount of emotion going on throughout the events, and I found myself choked up at one point during my little ‘thank you’ last night. There are too many to mention, and too many impacted to say any name without missing off someone, so please take this an individual thank you to everyone who took part, helped, spread the word and generally made the event the experience it was. Loads of images, comments, blog post are coming in already, which will all be posted up over coming week, but I thought I would start with this brilliant brilliant short film away from bustling London. Filmed in East Sussex it really captures the idea of Silent Cacophony and its abstract nature in making people think about the world constructed around them. The wet road from the rain exaggerating the sound of the vehicles is fantastic. Thank You – John Mc x

8th November 2013: Events at a glance page in now available for viewing, download pdf ot print [click]

8th November 2013: Londonist map reaches 2,000 views since launch this afternoon [click]

8th November 2013: Westminster City Council have pulled out the stops to allow Daniel Jack McClennan film to be projected onto Tate Britain and big up to Chelsea Collage of Arts for allowing us to use their building as a base for the projector FROM 4.30pm [click]

8th November 2013: Artist Dawn Cole’s amazing ‘Silence of Knitting’ has now expanded to Liverpool, Newark in Nottinghamshire, Ticehurst in East Sussex and Sydney, Australia as well as Margate, Kent, [read more here]

7th November 2013: Very innovative intervention in Bloomsbury by artist Rhiannon Armstrong and SHM-Productions. Footsteps on the pavement in Bedford Row mirror a journey taken by a silent Zeppelin airship and its crew on the night of 8th September 1915, when over 40 bombs were dropped on the Bloomsbury area, killing 26 people. It is on a scale of 1:125 and reoriented by 90 degrees. Each footstep corresponds to one of the bombs dropped, and the location it was dropped in [click to read more].

6th November 2013: Maria Alvarez Echenique sculpture ready to install into Dalston C.L.R. James Library [click]

6th November 2013; Poet Dr Rachel Lehrman launches a facebook page to consider mother’s silence during conflict, war and remembrance [click]

6th November 2013: This was not a direct war tragedy but one caused by the fear war instils, the crush at Bethnal Green Tube [click]

5th November 2013: All confirmed for Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, MA Music Theatre intervention in Swiss Cottage library of John Cage’s 4’33” for choir [click]

25th October 2013: Poster and Flyers sent to printers, should begin appearing from

31st October 2013 [click]25th October 2013: Tower Hamlets have agreed Duncan Menzies (Bagpiper at Bow Roundabout), Alain English(Poetry in Weavers Fields) and Jude Cowen Montague (Poetry, street outside Bethnal Green tube station)

25th October 2013: Artist Eleonora Oreggia will mark this awful infant school tragedy in Poplar, East London [click]

25th October 2013: City of London approve Parlour Collective intervention concluding at the Barbican

24th October 2013: Southeastern are not only allowing the use of Greenwich train station by Camille Desmarestand Garry Scott James dance performance for Silent Cacophony but plan to promote it as well – Sunday and Monday times various:!GreenwichC-DesmarestGarry-James/zoom/c13du/image1eq1

23rd October 2013: Swiss Church in Covent Garden confirmed for the Sound Healing with Amanda Kent. A completely different FREE experience for Silent Cacophony

23rd October 2013:Dalston Library (Maria Alvarez Echenique/sculpture), Holborn Library (Terry Duffy/mini-Monuments) and Quakers Friends Garden, Euston (Lenka Horakova/sculpture) all confirmed today as locations for Silent Cacophony

22nd October 2013: New Silent Cacophony logo

22nd October 2013: confirmed details of over 30 events across London and beyond …!event-location-details/c13du

23rd October 2013: Swiss Cottage library confirmed for Royal Central School Speech and Drama, MA Music Theatre’s version of John Cage’s 4’33”

23rd October 2013: Dalston Library (Maria Alvarez Echenique/sculpture), Holborn Library (Terry Duffy/mini-Monuments) and Quakers Friends Garden, Euston (Lenka Horakova/sculpture) all confirmed today as locations for Silent Cacophony

22nd October 2013: Another fantastic poster created for Platform-7 by Daniel Crawford of Type & Numbers for Silent Cacophony

22nd October 2013: Tower Hamlets have been super efficient in ensuring all of the Silent Cacophony events happening the borough have correct permissions

20th October 2013: Woolworths New Cross Road, blog post [click]

18th October 2013: ‘Silence of knitting’ by artist Dawn Cole has started to go global literally.

16th October 2013: Camden libraries excited by Terry Duffy’s “mini monuments” in Holborn and asked whether something could take place in Swiss Cottage library? So they will get the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama MA Music Theatre’s “4.33” performance!

14th October 2013: Risk assessments and artist engagement contracts sent out

13 October 2013: Poet David Neita is looking perform live from Austin, Texas, USA

11th October 2013: St Bride Library confirmed as location for post event gathering

10th October 2013: Artist Dawn Cole Silent Knitting crossing channel to Calais

8th October 2013: Event from Den Haag, Holland, (The Hague) with Dutch poet Harry Zevenbergen

2nd October 2013: Parlour Collective become latest artists to join Silent Cacophony, creating an intervention across Clarkenwell []

2nd October 2013: Liam Donovan and Eleonora Oreggia, PhD candidates at Queen Mary, University of London confirm involement.

2nd October 2013: Launch of Blog on Silent Cacophony

2nd September 2013: Arts Council England award Platform-7 funding for Silent Cacophony

22nd August 2013: Holidays over work begins in earnest on Silent Cacophony

17th July 2013: Arts Council England application for Silent Cacophony finally submitted

16th July 2013: Really enthusiastic artist meeting at Made in Greenwich who are coordinating Greenwich aspect of Silent Cacophony

15th July 2013: SHM-Productions becomes first commercial company to offer funding towards event

9th July 2013: More artists confirm involvement in Silent Cacophony

3rd July 2013: The become official media partner of ‘Silent Cacophony’

2nd July 2013: Queen Mary, University of London EECS offers financial contribution towards ‘Silent Cacophony’ [click]1st July 2013: Example page of Silent Cacophony artist framing [click]

30th June 2013: All invitations for Silent Cacophony sent to Platform-7 network artists

28th June 2013: Silent Cacophony website fully operational

21st June 2013: Draft version of Silent Cacophony website published20th June 2013: Central School of Speech & Drama confirm use of logo and event participation

19th June 2013: Website building begins

17th June 2013: Invitations to Platform-7 artists begins

7th June 2013: Queen Mary, University of London, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science confirms event partnership

10th June 2013: Queen Mary confirm desire to be involved in 2013 Remembrance ‘Silent Cacophony’

7th June 2013: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Platform-7 to partner on ‘Silent Cacophony’

6th June 2013: Cutting of tights into yarn well received in Catford [see facebook here]

6th June 2013: John McKiernan attends Creativeworks London AHRC funding roundtable with partner Professor Andy Pratt from King’s College London

5th June 2013: Re-imagining posting of stories in public space disrupted

1st June 2013: Video of re-imagining ladies tights [watch]

22nd May 2013: John McKiernan on judging panel of Goldsmiths, University of London judging panel for Enterprise Boot Camp 2013 [click]

21st May 2013: First public washing of tights on the street in Catford Broadway warmly received by locals with many engaging and recounting stories of tights and their alternative uses [click]

10th May 2013: AHRC Creativeworks London award Platform-7 and King’s College London funding to codify the company’s collaborative practices. Andy Pratt, Professor of Culture, Media and Economy, Director of Culture, Media and Creative Industries Dept and his team will look back at Platform-7’s working methods and follow projects over the summer to better understand creative collaboration

10th May 2013: An insight into a key influence behind Platform-7 [click to read advertising giant Dave Trott]

9th May 2013: Platform-7’s John McKiernan confirms becoming panel judge for Goldsmiths Enterprise Bootcamp [click to see on Goldsmiths Website]

8th May 2013: Re-imagining Ladies Tights officially with incredible reaction across Lewisham. Recycle bags available at Goldsmiths, Lesoco, Lewisham council offices, and age UK in Catford where we will be running a series of workshops

7th May 2013: New Project Gig-a-Byte presentation complete

3rd May 2013: Arts Council England application for funding of ‘Resting Place’ submitted

2nd May 2013: Platform-7, Goldsmiths and Musion meet again to develop hologram perspective project

See earlier updates of 2013 latest news [by clicking here]

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