Photos, images and video from public interventions, performances and venues over 25 years

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Moonbow Jakes

Moonbow Jakes Coffee Bars were created in derelict spaces across South East London from 1998-2009, becoming a Mecca for artists, performers academics and creative people seeking a safe, bohemian, relaxed space with live performance, exhibitions, talks, record store and an outdoor theatre.

Moonbow Margate Face Painting

Up The Line (2009)

Up The Line was the first in series of live experimental art and installation performances that sought to understand how people reach opinion on war and conflict.

Taking place during darkness in Brockley and Ladywell cemetery, a designated nature reserve, hundreds of visitors weaved passed poets, dancers, musicians and installations along a narrow single track path.

Up The Line (2010)

The second in the series of investigations into how opinions on conflict and war form, using short abstract live art performances as a medium to engage during a lightening storm in a darkened cemetery.

Taking place in Brockley cemetery during in darkness and a lightening storm, the audience weaved through poets, dancers, musicians and installations along a narrow path, giving a taste of the foreboding that might be sensed when heading to a battlefront.