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Intervention in a disused HMV record store in the City of London insurance district exploring our economy based on consumption and wastefulness.

Dress made of tights by Anna Kompaniets

From Septemer 2014  |  5 months

Discussing consumption and wastefulness, the Waste.Agency explored the economic system built on natural resources and oil, which the majority of the world’s population has come to rely on, asking the question, ‘is it really sustainable?’


Nestled between London’s two newest skyscrapers, the Leadenhall Building aka `The Cheesegrater’, and 20 Fenchurch street aka `Walkie-Talkie’, Platform-7 took over a disused HMV* for 5 months as part of an intended 3-year art intervention [map].  London Cannon Street train station partnered to promote the project with exhibutions curated by platform-7.


Artists, Academics & Audiences

Art installations, live performance, talks, workshops, presentations by senior specialist academics and innovators, sparked discussion and debate.   City workers were initially reticent to enter, maybe suspicious of motives behind the exhibition.  Over the weeks numbers increased and eventually pollinating the mind-seeds to grow potential solutions.


The project was free of charge and open to everyone, although deliberately aimed at financiers, insurers and lawmakers as the City wields enormous power, with decisions made within the many office towers impacting large portions of the world's population. 



We discovered that a key part of the solution to the present over-consumption of natural resources can be found within the City.  It will only by discussing the fundamentals of the legal and economic framework that the world presently operates within, with those who understand the intricacies of finance and legal machinations that the world revolves, that a new perspective can develop in considering consumption and waste.    



*kindly provided by waterstones bookshop

± in association with network rail

§ thanks to rsr properties and the team working at leadenhall waterstones bookshop

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