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Draw Me King’s Road

In 2013, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea commissioned the “Draw Me/Tedna Ve” camera obscurer booth to create an instant portrait gallery along the King’s Road, in London’s Chelsea district. 


Since 2004, Jonathan Polkest’s ‘Draw Me/Tedna Ve’ booth has been appearing in public spaces across the country.  Originating in Cornwall, the booth is a camera obscurer that allows people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds to draw a companion using simple marker pens, free of charge.  Although easy and fun, leading to an engaging instant public gallery, there is a further fascinating aspect.  When the participants know each other personally, more than just a drawing is produced, the artist often captures the inner personality of the subject, surprising both participants and sometimes leading to a deeper understanding of the relationship between subject and image maker.  The pictures are attached to surfaces or strung up, as here on the King’s Road, in the immediate vicinity to create an instant portrait gallery.  People then return later to collect their portrait at the end of the event.

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