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On The Horizon

On The Horizon dance performance explored the universal struggle of venturing into the unknown, in expectation of something better, as Margate hoped the opening of its new Turner Contemporary gallery and offshore wind turbines would stall its decline, and usher in a more prosperous period.


Originally posted on Wix blog 26 November 2011, 20:18

Performance Sunday, 25th September 2011, across Margate, Cliftonville and Lido complex.

On The Horizon

A continuation of previous work ‘Juncture’ in collaboration with scenographer Chan Vi. ‘On the Horizon’ saw seven solo figures dotted about the local landscape – living sculptures allowing people to see their surroundings in a new light. The performance moved around Margate before a short meander down to the final destination – Lido Sands, where the dancers created a beautifully calm serene stillness, through continual movement. What is on your horizon?

Choreographer and dancer Melanie Simpson presented ‘’On the Horizon’’, a site-specific collection of living sculptures. (l. Turner Contemporary r. Lido Sands)


Development of ‘On the Horizon’ In early 2010 Scenographer Chan Vi (Others The Company) contacted me to collaborate on a dance piece called ‘Juncture’. Essentially it was an exploration into the universal struggle of venturing into the unknown, in the hope of something better. We carried out studio research into the three phases:

  1. 1. Leaving your roots

  2. 2. The leap of faith and how it manifests itself physically

  3. 3. The landing in a new place mentally or physically

Mel’s Personal Reflections

On visiting Lido Sands this year and discovering it’s vast sense of space, calmness and clarity, I immediately envisaged phase three, specifically in the form of ‘the calm after the storm’. At the core of this piece is the idea of hope on the horizon.

Dancers: Valeria Bettini, Rosa Chimenti, Grace Hann, Liz Peck, Bianca Silcox, Melanie Simpson, Maisie Whitehead

On The Horizon | Lido Complex

Brief Biography

Mel is a dance artist and movement crafter based in South East London. Previously Mel has choreographed numerous events for Future Cinema and Secret Cinema including Trunk (BAC), Dresden Dolls (The Roundhouse) and London Fashion Week (Royal Academy of Arts). Other choreographic credits include This is Jamm Heart (The Place), The Irrepressibles (Latitude Festival), Bollywood Music Video ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ ft. Karen David, and The Burial at Thebes opera (The Globe). In February she was invited to choreograph and dance solo, by operatic duo Foley & Hepburn for their concert in Dubai. She is a founder member of Tempered Body Dance Theatre, having danced in many works including Tag Along, Landing and Not Me Now at Lilian Baylis Sadler’s Wells. Mel is currently on a new venture dancing for Jazz Dance Company Syncop8 led by Joyce Gyimah, supported by GDA.

More information at visit Mel’s website

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