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Cliftonville based artist, Clare Pattinson created a series of innovative food menus that were designed specifically for the hand made menu holders as part of the ‘What is Food?’ exhibition at The Lido in Margate, and also for the Dining Club of Margate. Food Police The three menu holders are humorous, interactive mechanical toys, inviting the diner to partake in the animation of the characters on top of the wooden mechanical boxes. The characters signify the food police in pursuit of the food thief, and aims to question food fashions, food propaganda and expectations and prejudices around food. Clare has worked with street homeless people for the past twenty-five years and finds it interesting how ‘we’, as a society regard food. This is heightened when she observes some of the clients she has worked with, who have more pressing dependences such as alcohol or substance misuse, or people with eating disorders who have little interest in food other than as a necessity or fuel. On the other hand, there are people dying around the world from lack of basic nutrition, which sometimes makes the whole food rhetoric business appear even more absurd. The automata or mechanical toys are made from wood, copper and various found materials in and around skips in Cliftonville. They bring together Clare’s skills as an animator, Cartoonist, illustrator, plumber, ceramicist, model maker, woodworker and anthropologist. View Food Police in the What is Food? gallery [here] For biography and to view Clare’s work further visit:

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