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Saturday 24th September 2011, The Lido, 2pm

Amusing anecdotes from Gordon Clarkson’s formative years working at the Lido to putting on the last summer season.

Local celebrity, Gordon Clarkson, discussed the history of the Lido and his years as a worker and performer to an audience of more than 70 people. This event led to many emotions surfacing about the Lido in Cliftonville and greater Thanet in general. Committees were formed and new alliances appeared. How this has developed is unknown as at the beginning of 2012.

The event once again reinforced the impression gather over the summer of 2011 that there is a bottled up frustration in the population of Thanet for improvement. Given the right vehicle people will take control and drive improved change forward.

Comments from people who were at this event will be warmly received.

Comment added 10th Feb 2014

Despite huge enthusiasm and many people exchanging phone numbers and email addresses the idea of getting together soon petered out. Speaking in 2013 to Mick Saxby, a local resident who was at Gordon’s event, it became apparent that the enthusiasm ‘did not last much beyond the initial meeting’.

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