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Demonstrate being Affected by 14-15-77

Blockbuster Catford

Part of Tapescape Catford: The Intervention II

‘Demonstrate being Affected’ has 8352 pictures taken every 20 seconds for 3 days on a train from Lhasa in Tibet to Beijing. The sky train we travelled on is one of the highest in the world at 5,072m above sea level.

The still pictures have been edited together to make a stop motion animation and a sound track was composed from chanting monks recorded in the Tashilumpo monastery (2nd largest in Tibet) mixed with the transfixing train beat.

The installation of the above content is shown over 9 screens, 5 of which work perfectly, 1 slightly and 3 not at all. The installation over the monitors is symbolic of beauty and symmetry with cracks appearing. The piece is hypnotizing and follows a wondrous journey through the, until recently, rarely seen Tibetan nomadic territories.

This work is a collaboration between Jonathan Lockwood & Kevin Walton

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