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Paul Hazelton is Making Money at Last…

Paul Hazelton is an internationally established artist who creates sculptures often intricately constructed using household dust, cobwebs, hair or cut paper, toys or other materials. His work focuses around ontology, myth, decay and creation.

Paul is presently exhibiting No more Dust to Dust [click to read more] and Paul Hazelton is Making Money at Last… at the Waste.Agency, challenging the way money is perceived while considering what is the economy?

Minted, 2014, Price £6,000

Housedust, White Box Frame, 700x933mm

Paul has created 19 individual £1 Coins made of household dust. The price on his website is £500 each, yet for the Waste.Agency prices began at £120 and have increased after the sale of each coin. Coin 2 sold for £180, coin 3, £220 and coin 4 is on sale for £240. There is further one-off large £1 coin [700x933mm] named Minted, dated 2022, Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee. Estimated sale price £6,000, the final coin questions the future state of the economy and monarchy.


Bankers have been quick to discuss comparisons to Bitcoins. Insurers have been more intrigued by the idea of a secondary ecomomy developing with the dust coins, where we ask whether once a number of the dust coins are sold if a secondary market will open up undercutting the Waste.Agency price but higher than the price originally paid by the client.

Small Dust Coin, 2014, 150x150mm

Paul Hazelton is Making Money at Last… is a tongue-in-cheek poke at the way money is created, perceived, appropriated and used. It is a jibe at the whole art market, the commodification of art and the broader issue of how items in our society are valued. Through skilful construction, the dust coins open up interesting and insightful conversations with City workers on the role of money and the way it necessitates all aspects of modern Western life.

If you are interested in knowing more regarding these artworks or purchasing a piece then visit the Waste.Agency during opening hours or email

Paul Hazelton

Born into the immaculate world of his mother’s obsession: a dustless childhood, Paul Hazelton now works continuously to create something from the dust of his and other people’s everyday lives. ‘Dust,’ he explains, ‘is the stuff that connects everything together.’ It is therefore the perfect medium.’ He explains further, Art is like dust in that it is a by-product of living - It is the product of the breakdown and fusion of ideas and materials.

Paul has exhibited extensively and has shown recently at QF Gallery, New York, Fundación Rozenblum, Buenos Aires, ME Collectors Room & The Thomas Olbricht Foundation, Berlin, All Visual Arts & Herrick Gallery London and Museum of Arts and Design New York. His work is profiled and featured in Michael Petry’s new book Nature Morte, Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life published by Thames & Hudson. He has also just created the tree for a major production of Waiting for Godot at the Cockpit Theatre, London.

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