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No more Dust to Dust by Paul Hazelton on display at the Waste.Agency

A tornado of dust sucking up all that stands before it.

Work-in-progress image, 2013

Art, in its most basic state, is dirt. Its production, as a by-product of living, results from the breakdown and fusing of ideas and materials.

“Framing is essential. It separates acts of creation (which are labelled deviant acts) from such phenomena as camouflage, errors, dreaming, pornography and madness, which are unframed deviant acts.” Roy R Behrens Art & Camouflage: Concealment and Deception in Nature, Art and War.

When refined or framed in a particular way, this dirt becomes culture. Consumerism capitalizes on our revulsion to dirt by encouraging us to buy new clothes and the latest products. Only when dirt becomes culture is it accepted. Art therefore helps us to accept our mortality.

Born into the immaculate world of his mother’s obsession: a dustless childhood, Paul Hazelton now works continuously to create something from the dust of his and other people’s everyday lives. ‘Dust,’ he explains, ‘is the stuff that connects everything together.’ It is therefore the perfect medium.’ He explains further, Art is like dust in that it is a by-product of living - It is the product of the breakdown and fusion of ideas and materials.’

Paul has exhibited extensively and has shown recently at QF Gallery, New York, Fundación Rozenblum, Buenos Aires, ME Collectors Room & The Thomas Olbricht Foundation, Berlin, All Visual Arts & Herrick Gallery London and Museum of Arts and Design New York. His work is profiled and featured in Michael Petry’s new book Nature Morte, Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life published by Thames & Hudson. He has also just created the tree for a major production of Waiting for Godot at the Cockpit Theatre, London.

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