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Timeline of key points in the creation of Waste.Agency intervention in the City of London, estimated to last 3 years, keys to first location handed over 3rd October 2014, and introductory video.

Filming and Editing: Andreas Lambis

23rd February 2015: Comments Book from Waste.Agency fully typed up [here]. 152 individual written remarks from 1,662 visitors.

10th February 2015: All Waste.Agency artworks and equipment now stored

6th February 2015: Keys returned to Waterstones. Platform-7 appreciate the support provided

5th February 2015: Artworks returned to Waste.Agency artists’ studios

4th February 2015: Equipment returned to Margate storage and furniture to Junk Deluxe. A huge thanks to Ronnie Scott’s Cliftonville and Junk Deluxe for support.

4th February 2015: Waste.Agency is now closed

7th January 2015: Blog Post: Recycling Insurance Risks Consumption Changes

6th January 2014: Blog Post: Corporate Songs With Dan Merrill

6th January 2015: The Waste.Agency reopen 10.30 - 6pm Monday-Friday - Free Entry - 1 Whittington Avenue, Leadenhall, City of London, EC3V 1PJ

5th January 2015: Junk Deluxe becomes latest Platform-7 partner on Waste.Agency supplying vintage furnishings for the next stage of intervention.

22nd December 2014: Formal letter from UCL outlining upcoming collaboration on the Waste.Agency from 1st January 2015.

21st December 2014: Total conversations at Waste.Agency: 1,309. Breakdown: 926 with City Workers / 383 non-City workers – view breakdown here

17th November 2014: Arts Council England and Shm foundation award funding to Waste.Agency

14th October 2014: Local workers begin feeling confident in entering Waste.Agency, flyers available to take away.

3rd October 2014: Keys provided for HMV and deliberate slow process of developing intervention begins.

September 2014: Discussions with Waterstones Bookshop regarding HMV, 1 Whittington Avenue, EC3V 1PJ

Summer 2014: Waste.Agency preparation. A number of conversations took place over summer 2014 with possible key artist participants, potential partners and academics. Funding applications sent.

Spring 2014: Hub critique. Written and sent to senior academics for comment, this document outlined some of the key understandings learnt from the research of Platform-7 through abstract art interventions since 2009.

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