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Recession Cupcakes

Recession Cupcakes with artist Ania Bas invited passersby to join her in decorating cupcakes with icing, nails and other bits, to consider the perverse juxtaposition of the hugely popular fad in 2011 of expensive cup cakes being sold in a place with huge deprivation during a time of recession.

Originally posted Saturday, 10th September 2011, 7.09pm | view here

During the performance a series of edible (and almost edible) artworks was created. Each cupcake explored the relationship between food, recession and socialscape as seen and experienced by individuals not society. Themes of abundance as well as scarcity, reborn and fertile recession grounds, social status, changing tastes, colour-overflows, social layers were examined in a cupcake form. Cupcake itself was chosen as a starting point for recession conversation as a contained, pretty and well anchored in society’s mind form of both: abundance and scarcity. Cupcake has it all!

Participative performance by Ania Bas (artist and keen baker) with people of Margate at the Lido Complex

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