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Free Lunch is a trio of local Thanet musicians who, although they played together almost 30 years ago, have only recently reunited to perform again.

The group is comprised of Steve Cope (vocals and guitar) Bob Haines (guitar and vocals) and Peter Barnett (drums). All three have been involved in a wide range of different musical projects across the UK and abroad over the last three decades.

The band’s material is original and tends to present a wry, social commentary on everyday life; the highs and the lows, the complexities and the contradictions. Their music might be described as melodic, insightful and provocative in equal terms, with a sprinkling of humour for added zest.

They are pleased to be able to support Moonbow Jake’s presence in Margate and are looking forward to their first joint performance at the Lido, as part of a celebration of the town’s on-going cultural.

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