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Almost a century on, how do people today interact with the Remembrance 2-minute silence? What does it mean to them? Television news bulletins show the UK coming to a halt, people taking a moment to consider the atrocities of war, yet is this true reflection of what takes place?

In 2012, Platform-7’s created the ‘no man’s land’ Remembrance event across 10 London Underground tube stations and the disused Eurostar at Waterloo on Remembrance Sunday. Before the event began, all the performers respected the 2-minutes silence, which was filmed for the occasion. What these films show is a different view to that which mainstream media show of the entire nation stopping to remember.

With the kind permission of London Underground Limited, Platform-7 will create an installation in the the form of bank of televisions, to be placed at the foot of the escalators in one London’s largest and busiest tube stations, Canary Wharf. From the 1st - 11th November 2013, tens of thousands of commuters, tourists and Londoners will see the televisions showing the 'no man's land' 2-minute silence films. For those who stop to look closer, they will have an opportunity to listen to the 2-minutes silence, as it happened, across the London Underground in 2012.

With only months before the beginning of the Great War centenary, this event will ask ‘what modern meaning has the 2-minute silence?’

This event will evolve over the coming months. We will look at ways to develop the conversation of people’s interpretation of the 2-minutes silence and what it means to individuals, as well as collective society. Platform-7 is interested to hear from potential partners to develop a mini-symposium to accompany this event. Click Here to read more

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