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John McKiernan is this week's Londonist Out Loud Podcast guest discussing The Tights Ball and other Platform-7 abstract performance art interventions with N Quentin Woolf on London Bridge train station's platform seven

Londonist Outloud

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Londonist Out Loud is presented and produced by N Quentin Woolf.

This week’s show focuses one man and his tights. John McKiernan of Platform 7 has collected thousands of pairs of used tights and rolled them into a ball. The pair talk at London Bridge Station where they discuss the thinking behind the tights project, as well as the many other artistic interventions John has brought to London over the years.

Platform-7 and N. Quentin Woolf would like to thank Denis Kirk and Richard Emmins of Network Rail, London Bridge and Gavin Smith, Southeastern Railways for their time in making the station's platform seven accessible and the tour of the station. To read more on why there is no platform seven at London Bridge, click here

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More on N Quentin Woolf:

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If you enjoyed this podcast you may also like to listen to Professor Loretta Lees (Leicester) and Professor Andy Pratt (City) discussing contested public space with John McKiernan on The News Agents with host Rob Edwards, produced by Jude Cowan Montague [click here]

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